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Unlovely Rita

Back at CTU, Milo turns to Chloe and sadly tells her that he's sorry. To his credit, he doesn't ask her out yet.

Meanwhile, in the new McCarthyMobile, Rita's still holding the gun on Morris in the back seat. Fayed calls McCarthy's cell phone and gives him an address with a sixth-floor apartment. After confirming that Fayed has his money (sure he does), McCarthy hangs up and tells Rita to turn on the GPS unit attached to the dash. So that's what he was window-shopping for. He stops the truck at 1:10:44. While he's preoccupied with programming the address into the GPS, Rita sneaks Morris a conspiratorial look. He nods minutely. McCarthy finds the address on the screen, and as soon as he does, Rita shoots him dead. Whoa! Morris is goggle-eyed in shock as Rita pushes McCarthy's corpse out onto the pavement, slides behind the wheel, and drives on. But he quickly recovers, congratulating her on doing the right thing, even if it was "a bit excessive." He starts going on about how he has to contact CTU, but she puts the gun right back in Morris's face, screaming at him to shut up: "Fayed wants you alive, and whatever shape you're in beyond that is up to you." Disgusted, Morris asks what she's doing. Rita answers, "I am making seven million dollars. And I can spend it without having to worry about CTU. Like you said, they don't even know I exist." Morris makes a pained oopsie-face. It's 1:11:57.

1:16:24. The Cabinet meeting has finally adjourned, and Wayne and Tom have the Battle Bridge to themselves. Wayne tries to smooth things over with his pouting Chief of Staff, remembering how Tom convinced him to run in the first place and saying that he hopes he can count on Tom's help through this crisis. Tom's about to issue a cutting reply when Wayne's lead Secret Service agent (still not Aaron) enters to report that Assad has already landed at Andrews Air Force base, less than two and a half hours after leaving CTU. What did he fly on, the Concorde? Wayne tells Tom they'll talk later, and heads out to get ready to meet his new best friend. Tom leaves the room himself, tossing a copy of his rejected proposal on the table as he goes.

Tom enters his temporary office to find Chad Lowe already there, fiddling with his cell phone. Tom goes in, slams the door, and pushes a bunch of shit off a table onto the floor like the petulant child he is. Chad Lowe hurriedly calms down the alarmed Secret Service agent outside the door, and then asks what happened. Tom rages that Wayne just not only shot down all of Tom's proposals, he also rolled back the detention centers already in place. He says that Wayne's going to try to "appease the Muslim population," and thunders that Wayne's only proving that he doesn't have any balls. I haven't seen Peter MacNicol this pissed off since Dragonslayer. Chad Lowe tells Tom to use his influence to change Wayne's mind, but Tom sputters that he doesn't have any influence. He's resigning. Chad Lowe says that would be a mistake: Tom has the support of lots of people, including the Vice President. But Tom's adamant, and sends Chad Lowe to go draft his letter of resignation and bring it back for a signature. Because Tom has so much other stuff to do while waiting to quit. I'm sure his first call will be to Karen Hayes, telling her to come back.

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