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Nuclear Winner

If Wayne needs an update on anything, it's his adrenalin dosage. He's fading fast as he sits in the Lounge, while Karen and the Mideastian ambassador pace nervously. Karen notices that Wayne isn't looking his best. Wayne assures her that he's "just a little tired," which would explain why he's holding his head as though it'll roll right off of his neck without a heroic feat of balance on his part. Tom enters with the news that Fayed is currently leading CTU to the nukes. "I'm pleased we were able to help, Mr. President," the ambassador says. Wayne stands and thanks the ambassador, and asks Karen to show him out. The ambassador is surprised, since earlier Wayne asked him to stay until this was resolved, but now Wayne can't get the ambassador out of there fast enough. The ambassador has no sooner left with Karen than Wayne collapses on the floor, telling Tom to lock the door. "No one can know!" he gasps. It's 10:37:32.

10:41:53. Morris reports to Buchanan that the teams shadowing Fayed are all standing by and ready to move in. Buchanan is understandably paranoid about blowing this operation, and tells Morris to make sure all of their teams -- especially the helicopter, duh -- hang back until Kiefer confirms that the bombs are at the safe house. And then Nadia comes over to report that the operation might already be blown. Remember the Samir that Habib mentioned to Fayed? Nadia did a little research and found out that the only Samir close to Habib has been dead for two years. "But the general spoke about him as if he were alive," Buchanan obviouses. Sounds like Habib was giving Fayed a signal that he was speaking under duress. Buchanan says he'll warn Kiefer and Doyle.

A moment later, Buchanan's doing just that, with Nadia chiming in on the call to supply the specifics. Kiefer gets real worried, spends a moment watching FayedVision more closely, and demands Doyle's phone so he can call Jamal. Doyle warns, "If they're wrong, you could blow this." "If they're right, this is already over," Kiefer insists, and calls Jamal.

Jamal's phone rings at 10:43:34. He answers, and Kiefer quickly explains why he thinks Fayed might be on to them. There's no response, though, because the armored car has just entered a traffic tunnel. I suppose it's inevitable that of all the hundreds of cell phone conversations that take place on this show, occasionally one is going to get dropped. About every sixth season, give or take. The even worse news is that FayedVision has gone silent and snowy as well. Things are not looking good for Jamal right now. Monitoring from CTU, Chloe says over the comm. that the tunnel is only 120 yards long, and that the FayedMobile should have come through by now. Kiefer calls in the chopper and tells everyone to move in. He draws and cocks his weapon. As Doyle drives the pickup into the tunnel, they spot the armored car pulled over to one side about halfway through the tunnel. Doyle pulls up behind the armored car, and they approach with guns leveled. The back door is ajar, and everyone inside is dead -- except for Jamal, who nearly is; and Fayed, who is nowhere to be found. So it looks like Nadia's research came about ten seconds too late to do any good. Oh, well, points for trying. As CTUmobiles pull in to block off the north end of the tunnel and Kiefer tries to get the chopper pilot to say whether he saw anything leave, Kiefer spots an access door with a shot-up lock and figures that Fayed went that way for refuge. Hey, it worked for that dog in Independence Day. Kiefer carefully heads through in pursuit.

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