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Glower, Cower, And Tower

Out in the living room, Graem's wife Marilyn is watching the news, which shows the mushroom cloud now leaning to one side on its stem so that it looks like the world's biggest comic-strip thought-balloon. As the brothers Bauer are leaving, she asks Graem what's up, and he tells her that they're off to find their dad. He tells Marilyn to stay home with Josh, and promises to be back ASAP. Marilyn gazes into the camera, wide-eyed, as if to say, "Behold the startling contrast of my blue eyes and raven hair! Am I not the most exotic creature you have ever seen?"

Outside the house, Kiefer gets the address of McCarthy's office from Graem and calls it right in to Chloe at CTU, telling her to send two field teams to wait for him there. (I thought this was a plot hole at first, but we'll later be reminded that field teams are plainclothes agents, not the armored tactical teams who are currently riding the jet streams over northern Valencia.) Irritated, Graem bitches at Kiefer for selling out his family. Considering that Kiefer just finished killing one of his few friends a little over an hour ago, this new source of guilt doesn't seem to get to him too much. It's 11:11:02.

11:15:25. In the CTU Situation Room, Milo's running a briefing on the search for Fayed, which isn't going so well. Morris complains that the way Milo is going about it takes too long. Milo bristles, but Buchanan suggests narrowing the search parameters by assuming that Fayed is moving away from the fallout cloud. Morris points out that Fayed will have to be monitoring the fallout, and Milo realizes that means "he'll have technology in the on position." Yes, like a radio or a TV, both of which are broadcasting nothing else. Still, everyone gets to work with renewed purpose. As the briefing breaks up, Chloe tells Buchanan what Kiefer's up to, and that Kiefer wants Buchanan to call him. Chloe also mentions that the CIA is looking for Gredenko in Moscow, in case anybody still cares. Doesn't sound like Gredenko did anything wrong, aside from hiring Kiefer's family to do something important.

Kiefer's doing some pretty reckless driving at 11:16:22. Inside the CTUmobile, Graem is saying that giving McCarthy to CTU will lead CTU back to the family. Kiefer says that CTU won't care, but Graem disagrees: "CTU, like every other federal organization, is made up of human beings with ambition." Graem has not been to get a passport recently, I can promise you. He says that even after the crisis is over, CTU will keep digging. Kiefer says that's just too bad. I would assure Graem that, after this is all over, CTU will be too busy returning all the cars Kiefer's stolen to their rightful owners to look into this any deeper.

Kiefer's cell phone rings, and he answers it to find Buchanan on the other end. Kiefer tells Buchanan about the lead on McCarthy, and explains McCarthy's role in all this. He says he's on his way to McCarthy's office now to look for something on his computer, and hangs up. Graem keeps badgering Kiefer, saying that if he's trying to get his brother, then their dad is also going to get dragged into it: "Maybe you want Dad to go to prison too." Kiefer doesn't say anything, and Graem tweaks him for his lack of loyalty to the family. "If I were you, I wouldn't talk about loyalty," Kiefer warns. But then how are we to glean all of the juicy family backstory that's just waiting to reveal itself?

McCarthy is driving along, yelling at someone on his cell phone to find someone for Fayed. For, like, $7 million. That seems pretty cheap to me, but then I guess it's not like he plans to pay taxes on that money. He hangs up, and his girlfriend starts in on him, saying that he's wasting a bunch of time on a longshot and that it's just going to end up making it harder for them to get out of the city. McCarthy screeches to a halt by the curb and tells her to get out of the car, yelling, "Your negativity is not what I need right now." Rather than getting out, she leans in close and asks how certain the $7 million is. McCarthy's glad she's on board now, like he gave her a choice. But before McCarthy can properly enjoy the moment, Fayed calls his cell phone to harangue him about finding an engineer. McCarthy impatiently says that it's taking longer than he thought, and then hangs up. And starts driving again. Did you know Eddie Izzard was originally cast in this role and he quit after one day of shooting? Which is weird; I can't imagine that he felt more ill-suited to this role than the one he played in Ocean's Twelve.

At the Anacostia Detention Facility's surveillance room, Agent Blond has just finished emailing photos of Walid's new buddies over to CTU so that they can do their cross-checking thing. Milo receives them at 11:19:45 and tells Morris to get to work on them. Morris agrees, as soon as he gets something he needs from Nadia first. Milo's surprised to hear that Nadia's falling behind, and goes over to her desk, where she's huffing and grumping at her screen in frustration. He asks her what the holdup is, but rather than telling him she's doing the best she can to protect a country that's tying her hands because it hates her, she just suggests that he go talk to Buchanan.

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