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Glower, Cower, And Tower

Commercial for a contest where they're giving away a visit to the 24 set. Not a prize I'm interested in, for reasons I'll explain later in the recap.< p>At 11:31:13, Morris is giving Nadia shit about how long it's taking her to get stuff done. Milo steps up and technobabbles some fictional excuse on Nadia's behalf. After Morris leaves, more or less satisfied with Milo's explanation, Nadia asks why Milo covered for her. Milo says that he talked to Buchanan. Then he reaches for Nadia's keyboard and logs her in under his own user ID. "That's illegal," Nadia points out. Milo says that he's doing it, not her. Still illegal, but she appreciates it. Not enough to make out with him, though.

Karen heads into the new Undal Office, a manila folder under her arm. Looks like she made her decision pretty quickly. She prevails upon Wayne to kick out the people he's been talking to, and hands him her resignation, effective immediately. Wayne basically morphs into a talking mass of red flags and asks her what's going on, but she won't say. Wayne figures that Tom has something to do with this, because he's noticed how Tom and Karen are always fighting, but that's not a good enough reason for Wayne to let her go; he says he needs her: "I need different points of view." He tries to decline Karen's resignation, but she tells him that's hard cheese. She does soften the blow by telling Wayne how totally awesome he is: "You know what to do, sir...You will continue to rise to this challenge." She has tears in her eyes by now, almost as if she believes the crap she's telling him. Wayne asks what he can do to change her mind. "Raise that new security restriction on Middle Eastern CTU operatives," she doesn't say. But she does ask him to reassign her to CTU L.A. Boy, is Buchanan going to be surprised to see her. Wayne agrees to put Karen on a military transport. Let's hope she doesn't end up in a midair collision with Assad, who's currently on his way to D.C. from L.A. With one last apology, Karen leaves Wayne in his office to wonder how he's going to get through the rest of the day with no National Security Advisor.

Walking through the halls, Karen literally runs into Chad Lowe, who asks her to look over some statement and then give it to Wayne. Karen tells him to give it to Tom. That tells Chad Lowe all he needs to know, and he calls Tom to tell him that Karen's out. "Thank you," says Tom, and gets back to work in his self-satisfied aura of evil. But at least he remembered to thank Chad Lowe, unlike some people. It's 11:36:24.

11:40:52. Kiefer's leading his handcuffed brother all around the parking lot at McCarthy's office, reading off the make, model, and license number of every car in the lot to Chloe over his cell phone. None of them is registered to McCarthy, but Kiefer wants her to cross-check them anyway. In addition to looking for terrorist connections, it'll make it easier to find the cars' rightful owners after he steals all of them. As for the backup teams Kiefer ordered earlier, he tells her to have one move into the parking lot, while the other stays in its current position two blocks out. He hangs up, and outside the front door of the building, he asks Graem where McCarthy's office is. Graem tells him it's on the second floor, and they go inside.

Back at the detention facility, that cell-phone-smuggler Heydar splits off from the circle to go check something on his cell phone in a relatively private spot. Walid lurks behind him, waiting for an opening. After Heydar finishes with his phone and stashes it back into his pocket, Walid stumbles right next to him. Heydar catches him by the arm and helps him up, asking if Walid's all right. Walid acts all embarrassed at his clumsiness (as if he didn't still have fresh blood on his face) and says he's fine, and Heydar continues on his way, one less cell phone in his pocket. Nice pull, Walid. Over his hidden earpiece, Walid gets instructions from Agent Blond on what to do next. Agent Blond tells Walid to dial a phone number (it's the same 310 "fan phone" number that's been featured ever since Season 4), and then to press star twice, which will let them upload all the data on the phone. Then Walid can slip the phone back to Heydar. Walid tells them to hurry. Sandra wants Walid out now, but Agent Blond wants to hold off until they see what they get. He gets Chloe on the line and, addressing her by her first name like they're old friends, tells her that the data is being sent to her now. She pulls up a bunch of undifferentiated phone numbers and promises to call Agent Blond back when she's done sorting it out. Agent Blond comments to Sandra, "Walid did a great job getting that phone." Sandra tells Agent Blond again to get Walid out, and he tells her again that he has no intention of doing so as long as Walid is getting information. Agent Blond certainly enjoys his new pet. He tells Walid to put the phone back, and Walid returns slowly to the circle, Heydar's phone hidden in his pants pocket.

Chloe's managed to analyze the data from the cell phone in record time. She's found a web page in the cell phone's browser cache where Heydar could have gotten the information on the bomb in Valencia. "These guys aren't terrorists. They're spectators," she tells a frustrated Agent Blond. He asks why they didn't report the website if they're so innocent, and Sandra pounces on him for being stupid enough to think they'd tell him about something that incriminating. Agent Blond thanks Chloe, hangs up, and tells his walkie-talkie that they're pulling Walid out of there. Sandra's already on her way.

Out on the yard, Salim is telling the outrageous story of how he got arrested from home, but Walid and I aren't paying attention, because Heydar has just realized that his phone is missing. And the last time he saw it was right before he ran into Walid. Putting two and two together, he accuses Walid of taking it. Walid's normally quick wits pick this moment to abandon him; instead of offering to go with Heydar over to the spot and secretly dropping it on the ground (which wouldn't work, but might at least buy him the few seconds he needs), he denies everything. The circle turns on Walid as he begins to back away, and Heydar tells them to search him.

Sandra reaches the gate to the yard and tells the guard to let her inside. He refuses. A shame, really; I would have loved to see Sandra rush in there alone and start trying to kick some detainee ass.

Heydar finds his phone in Walid's pants pocket. Busted. Salim accuses Walid of spying on them: "You're worse than they are!" He does try to stop Heydar when the younger man starts swinging, but it's not long before Walid is at the center of an angry, yelling scrum of people beating and kicking him while he lies on the ground, helpless. Remember when I said I don't want to visit the 24 set? This is why.

Agent Blond catches up to Sandra at the gate and orders the guard to let them in. This time the guard complies.

Inside the yard, about three or four soldiers are trying to clear a space around Walid from about forty angry prisoners. That's not a good ratio. The area isn't even remotely secure before Sandra runs right into the middle of the circle and kneels next to her boyfriend. Agent Blond calls for medical assistance on his walkie-talkie. Bloodier than before, Walid tells Sandra that he's all right. It's 11:47:05.

11:51:32. A couple of guys are sitting in a CTUmobile in the parking lot outside McCarthy's office. This would be one of Kiefer's field teams. They call in to ask for instructions, and Chloe just tells them to sit tight for now.

Inside the building, Kiefer's just finished using his knife to pick the electronic lock protecting the offices of Elegra Global, McCarthy's company. Graem directs Kiefer to the last door on the right, and a moment later they're in McCarthy's office. Kiefer secures the room and makes Graem sit behind the desk. Then he leans over the keyboard at McCarthy's computer. He quickly finds what looks like McCarthy's contract with their dad's company, but when he pulls it up, there's nothing but an electronic shredding trail, whatever that is. The 10:09 time code tells Kiefer that McCarthy started deleting files after the bomb went off. Before he can look further, they hear a noise in the outer office. Kiefer gets Graem out of the chair to unlock his handcuffs. You think for a second that he's going to let Graem go, but all he does is chain his brother to a bookcase, much to Graem's irritation. Kiefer tells Graem to keep quiet, draws his gun, and goes to investigate.

Another noise leads Kiefer to an inexplicably large stock room. He pokes around among the shelves for a bit, until a guy jumps out at him, disarming him. They go hand-to-hand for a bit, but Kiefer quickly regains the upper hand, and his gun from th

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