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Glower, Cower, And Tower
e floor. He attempts to hold his attacker at bay, but alas, there's another man behind him, who conks Kiefer on the head and sends him sprawling to the floor. This second man cocks his gun and is about to shoot Kiefer, but a voice from the doorway calmly orders, "Stop." The gunman asks the taller, older gentleman whether he knows Kiefer, and the man casually answers, "Yeah. He's my son." Which is why he didn't bother raising his voice to save Kiefer's life, I guess. Kiefer's dad isn't being played by Donald Sutherland, and we're all just going to have to get over it. Instead, they cast James Cromwell, a guy I've already recapped plenty. Coming into the room, Dad says he's surprised to see Kiefer: "We all feared the worst." Standing up, Kiefer asks for his gun back, and at a nod from Dad, the first gunman complies. Dad asks what Kiefer's doing there, and Kiefer says he's looking for McCarthy: "I know what you're trying to cover up, Dad. Gray already told me." Dad wants Graem in there, and Kiefer tosses the handcuff keys to the henchman who's on his way to fetch him. "I didn't trust him not to run," Kiefer tells his dad at 11:55:22, as they move back into the main office area.

Kiefer yells at his dad for trying to handle the situation on his own, and for not reporting the missing nukes the second he heard about them the day before. Dad tells Kiefer that Graem told him the nukes couldn't be detonated with deactivated triggers. "He was wrong!" Kiefer yells. "Evidently!" Dad yells back. It's like they were never apart. Kiefer turns away; he needs a moment. Dad says he's just trying to keep his son out of jail, and insists that he doesn't know where McCarthy is, offering, "When I do, we can pick him up together." Graem comes in, rubbing his wrists and saying that Kiefer just wants them both in prison. Kiefer says that he wants to find the nukes, adding, "If you're held accountable for what you've done, that's the bed you've made." Graem complains some more about Kiefer's sense of family loyalty: "We'd be better off if he were still rotting in a Chinese jail." Kiefer pulls out his cell phone, but his dad begs him to hold off, offering to compromise. Kiefer basically says that Graem's problems are his own; he should have been more careful, and he should have reported the missing nukes as soon as he knew. "Oh, and you always do what you should, right, Jack?" Graem needles. "How about when Dad needed you and you disappeared?" I can also think of some other examples, if Graem has plenty of time and a very large hard drive. Dad's still asking Kiefer for a chance, but Kiefer refuses to be responsible for thousands of deaths, "just to protect this family." "Wrong!" says Graem. "Protecting family is everything, and I think your dead wife would agree." Ooh, snap! In a flash, Kiefer's got Graem up against a wall. Dad stops the violence by giving Kiefer his way and telling him to call CTU, over Graem's objections. Kiefer lets Graem go and starts dialing his phone, which is when Graem says, "I don't think so."

That's the first henchman's cue to ambush Kiefer with a kidney-punch from behind, and then to disarm him again and hold Kiefer against the wall with his own gun. Dad protests angrily, telling the gunman, "You work for me." Graem tells him not so much, and nods to the other henchman to cover Dad. "You don't think I'd let you run loose without keeping an eye on you, do you?" says Graem. Dad tries to talk to him, and Graem just tells him to shut up. There's that family loyalty he keeps going on about. He takes Kiefer's phone, saying, "I'm glad we can all put our cards on the table." Even his voice is deeper now. "Family. Pfft," he says to Kiefer, and leads them all out of the office.

At 11:57:54, McCarthy and his girlfriend are checking into a hotel. As he lets them into their room, the minion on his cell phone is saying that they've got a candidate in town who can do what Fayed needs, although he probably won't do it willingly. McCarthy tells his minion to text him the guy's info, and hangs up. His girlfriend says that she hopes he knows what he's doing, and he says that he might buy her a small country when this is over. "As long as it's not Palm Springs," she callbacks. Still not funny.

At McCarthy's office, Graem and one of his henchmen are waiting in the lobby, still holding Kiefer and his dad. The second henchman comes in from inside, saying, "Everything's been handled. We're clear to go." Kiefer looks sad; he knows what that means. Graem rumbles, "Let's move." The little group heads out of the lobby and into the end-of-episode splitscreen. Which also includes Walid being carried out of Anacostia on a gurney, attended by his worst-lawyer-ever girlfriend; Karen is still walking through the hallways of the White House Bunker, because apparently she got lost trying to find the way out twenty-five minutes ago; and McCarthy works on his laptop while his girlfriend lurks in the next room.

Walking out into the parking lot, the Bauers pass the CTUmobile in the parking lot. It now has two bullet holes in the passenger window and two dead agents inside. "Good God, what have you done?" Dad asks, horrified. "Jack forced my hand," says Graem, and tells his men, "Call me when it's over." Graem drives off in Kiefer's CTUmobile, while his father and brother are loaded into the back of a blue van to be driven off by his henchmen. But before they go, the captive Bauers' handcuffs are chained together. "Lap and shoulder belts are much safer," Kiefer doesn't say. It's 12:00:00.

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