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Kiefer's Ex vs. World War III

Buchanan is on the phone with the Exposition Call Center in Bangalore when Chloe appears outside the door, and he waves her inside. After he hangs up, he can see from her face that she's way more bunchy inside even than usual. "I’m sorry, there's something you need to know," she says. Buchanan looks very worried indeed. Unfortunately, we won't get to see the palpable relief on his face when Chloe's revelation turns out not to be personal.

Back at the warehouse with the nukes, Kiefer is somehow sneaking inside by climbing down from the roof. It's like he makes things harder for himself on purpose sometimes. Once he gets down to the floor, he scopes out the situation. The nukes are still on the table where he found them, in a locked and caged area that's being guarded by two armed Marines who haven't noticed his arrival. Unfortunately, Fayed's grisly dangling corpse with the hand palm-out at neck level is no longer there to provide cover. Kiefer decides to go with bluster, stepping out of the shadows and identifying himself as the guy who secured the nukes. Talking fast over the Marines' objections, he claims that he's under a direct presidential order to remove the magic circuit board and bring it back to CTU for analysis. Plus, he adds, the building's been "compromised." Well, that part's true, at least. The sergeant is saying that the area's off-limits, so Kiefer goes totally ballistic, throwing his imaginary weight around and demanding names and whipping out his cell phone to supposedly get on the line with the White House. If the Marines knew Kiefer at all, they'd see right through this autocratic bullshit. But since they don't, they instantly cave. Kiefer orders them to stand guard while he removes the circuit board. He approaches one of the cases and opens it up, then sets his cell phone with the schematic on the screen on the table next to it and goes to work. He needs the middle of three circuit boards, which is why it's kind of funny that at first it looks like there are only two in there. But after some careful reference, he manages to find and remove the part that Cheng wants. I don't know if he plans to walk out the front door with it or leave the same way he came in, and we don't get to find out. Because no sooner does he have the part in hand than Doyle yells from behind him, "Stand down, Jack!" Kiefer whips out his handgun and points it at Doyle, who's already got the drop on him, as well as a couple of CTU agents backing him up. Kiefer sticks hard to his story, screaming at Doyle that he's following orders from over Doyle's head. Doyle yells at one of the Marines to take Kiefer out, and Kiefer is finally shut up but good with a rifle butt to the head. Doyle steps over Kiefer's unconscious form to look at the chip he tried to steal. Do you think he'll bring it to Morris to find out if it's real? It's 11:25:02.

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