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Kiefer's Ex vs. World War III

Speaking of whom, over on the other side of the floor, Milo calls over to Nadia that Doyle's on the phone for her to set up the frequency on the tracker they're attaching to the component. Somehow, he manages not to act like a big bitch baby about it. A moment later, the tracker's online. Meanwhile, not ten feet away from where Doyle's on the phone with Nadia, Kiefer calls Cheng to ask where he's supposed to bring the circuit board now that he's got it. Cheng gives Kiefer directions to a certain freeway exit and tells him to call for more when he gets there. "You have half an hour," Cheng says. "I don't think I need to remind you what will happen if you are late." Kiefer says he understands, but Cheng has already hung up. He's good at that. At 11:41:52, Kiefer and Doyle head out together. On the way to their pickup, Doyle wonders why Kiefer is taking such a risk. "If you were in my shoes, you wouldn't do the same thing?" says Kiefer. Well, no, Doyle wouldn't. Doyle preaches that he keeps his relationships and his job separate. Which should be easy, since I'm guessing he only has one of those. And which is also not true, since he started hitting on Nadia shortly after he stopped hitting her. "Whatever you had with this woman, I hope it's worth it," Doyle says to Kiefer. Which is a lot less rude than what he said to Nadia and Milo, but Kiefer still takes offense. "This isn't about what I had with a woman," he growls. "Her name is Audrey Raines. She served this country with honor. We owe her. Get in the truck." Kiefer and his new man-purse take the shotgun seat and let Doyle drive.

The Veep sits alone in a room in the White House that I don't recognize from The West Wing and that isn't his office because the Veep works in the OEOB across the street. He's got a short letter printed out on official letterhead lying on the table in front of him. I'm guessing it's not a note about his parking space. Lisa comes in, and he says he wanted to see her because Wayne has asked him to resign. "And I'm going to comply with his request," he says. Lisa is shocked and confused, so the Veep explains that Wayne is blackmailing him with that recording of their earlier conversation, so he doesn't have much choice but to give in. Karen sits on the couch next to him and tries to take the blame for the whole situation. "If I hadn't asked you to lie about Karen Hayes, none of this would be happening," she says. The Veep correctly points out that he could have said no, but he didn't. Except that he takes her hand as he does so, which puts him right back where he belongs, deep in "incorrect" territory. And then it gets even grosser as he smiles that at least now they'll have more time to spend together. Leaving aside the fact that they're already joined at the hip at work? Ew! He caresses her face but withdraws his hand in embarrassment when it doesn't seem welcome. Dude, a hot blonde shtupping the Vice President of the United States is one thing, but shtupping grody old Citizen Powers Boothe? Not so much. The Veep says that Wayne's giving him a week to step down, but he wants to turn in his resignation as soon as Wayne's press conference is over. "I am through being the loyal opposition," he says. Well, except for the loyal part.

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