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Swap Meet

At 12:17:46, Nadia passes by Milo and tells him that Doyle knows where Kiefer is. Milo doubtfully wonders how his rival and nemesis managed that. "He figured it out," Nadia knife-twists, but that's only a throwaway moment to her real mission...

...which is to go over to the O'Brians and have Chloe get to work on sifting through cell phone calls per Doyle's suggestion. Chloe gets right on it, which would be fine, except that she also gets Morris right on it as well. She sends a buttload of data over to Morris's screen, obscuring what he was doing, which irritates him a bit. He wants to make a big deal out of it, going so far as to call her hostile. Which isn't really fair, because your version and mine of "hostile" is roughly equivalent to Chloe's best mood ever. Chloe says he pushed her halfway. "Yes, it's my fault -- all my fault," Morris deadpans sarcastically. Chloe says thatshe just said half, and turns it into how Morris never listens, which is why she took over his screen in the first place. Suddenly Milo is there, asking what's going on, returning Morris's favor from earlier. "My ex-wife is suddenly showing signs of irrational behavior," Morris tells Milo. I disagree with almost every word of that, especially the "suddenly," which confuses me. Milo is already regretting having waded into the middle of this. Chloe asks Milo to help instead, since Morris is being such a big baby. After Milo leaves, Morris says something sarcastic about Chloe getting "cozy" with Milo. Come on, you guys, this is ancient history from like fifteen hours ago. Chloe tells Morris to stop acting like this. Morris suggests, "Why don't you write down the way you want me to act, put it in a file -- tab-delimited, the way Milo likes it -- and...shove it?" By the way, that "tab-delimited" bit is the best, most subtle bit of continuity I've seen on this show in six seasons even if it is backwards, so I'm 99.4% positive that Carlo Rota just ad-libbed it. Chloe says that the first item on Morris's list will be to stop acting like such a jealous jerk. Morris says that the day he's jealous is the day he kills himself: "Anything else?" Actually, Chloe does have something: "How about, 'don't arm nuclear bombs for terrorists?'" ...eeeeyouch! You know how, if any argument goes on long enough, somebody's going to "go nuclear"? Id say Chloe just went nuclear. It's all in fun until someone gets his heart ripped out. Chloe instantly feels like shit, but taking it back doesn't seem to be working. Morris gets up and walks off. Probably to go have a drink.

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