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Chip And Dip

Just then, another agent calls Kiefer over to take an urgent phone call. As he heads over to take it, Kiefer tells Josh to get in the car and promises to be right back. But before Josh can get in, Doyle comes up and grabs him by the arm, ordering Josh to come with him. Doyle briskly leads a confused Josh to an idling CTU helicopter. Kiefer sees this as Josh calls out, "Uncle Jack!" Kiefer hollers, "Agent Doyle!" and dashes after them. "Go back to CTU!" Doyle yells, pointing devil-horn fingers at Kiefer. Kiefer is protesting that Josh needs to stay with him. But about four other agents converge on Kiefer, preventing him from following. Can you believe how quickly the Veep's order traveled down the chain of command, let alone how quickly this plan was devised and put into motion? Sure, it's a stretch, but it was necessary to flex the timeline a bit in order to make room for that fascinating discussion on Suvarov's political situation. Doyle bundles Josh on board the chopper, and we can still see the kid hollering "Uncle Jack!" through the window. Josh, you have Kiefer's attention. That's not the issue. Kiefer watches helplessly as the helicopter lifts off and takes Josh away. On the bright side, the kid will still be safer than he was at CTU. It's 4:00:00.

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