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But no. There's no time. As the tail end of the group enters the hallway leading to Holding, Kiefer head-butts a Chinese guard posted at the entrance, and it's on. Another commando further up the hall turns his back and sees that Kiefer and Nadia, two of the smallest hostages, are beating up his heavily armed compatriots. He levels his weapon. But we don't get to find out whether he was going to shoot the fractious hostages or his own guys for being such wusses. That's because Morris, who has already passed him, dashes back and grabs him from behind to prevent him from firing. Another commando returns and fires at Kiefer, but the bullets go into Kiefer's opponent instead, whose gun Kiefer reverses uses to kill the shooter. Suddenly, it's three-on-three, with Kiefer somehow faced off against Zhao, while Nadia and Morris are basically doing their best to Greco-Roman-wrestle their much larger and heavily armed opponents into submission. They're not getting much help from Kiefer, because he's got his hands full with Zhao. While he takes his time strangling and then snapping the neck of the commandos' leader, Nadia's slowly losing an arm-wrestling match with her opponent as she tries to prevent him from bringing his gun around to point at her head. By the time Kiefer's finished with Zhao, Nadia's just about out of time. Fortunately, one of those glass walls shatters, and Nadia's assailant goes down. Kiefer looks up from his duck-and-cover position on the floor (big hero) to see the newly arrived shooter, Doyle, entering with his tactical teams in tow. Doyle holsters his weapon and runs up to make sure everyone's all right. I don't know what happened to the guy Morris was fighting. Morris must have subdued him with his trademark sarcasm. You know, I don't give enough credit to the editing and directing on this show for making it clear what's going on even when several things are happening at once, in a format where slo-mo and flashbacks are strictly forbidden. But any such credit would be misplaced in the case of this scene.

At 3:06:42, Kiefer tells Doyle that Cheng's men took Josh. "It has to do something with the component [sic]," he pants, "otherwise why would they take the risk?" Whatever the case may be, he says he's ready to go after them. Nadia reminds Kiefer that he's still under arrest, but quickly changes her mind when Kiefer says that he knows the schematics of the building better than anyone. Really? Even better than the people who, you know, work there? "But Doyle's in command," she caveats, like that's going to hold up. Kiefer dashes off to get kitted out for the pursuit as Doyle asks Nadia how many people they lost. "One," says Nadia. "Milo Pressman." How many Milos work there, anyway? Oh, and she forgot all those dead security guards, but since they don't have names, they don't count. Doyle asks if she's okay. "No," Nadia duhs. Doyle looks concerned, but by now Kiefer's gotten himself a bulletproof vest and a gun and is ready to go. Nadia tells them to use cell phones until comm. is back up. "You did great," Kiefer remembers to say, and Nadia's giant sad puppy-dog eyes nod in acknowledgement as the boys rush off after the bad guys. Chloe appears next to Nadia and observes, "That was really brave." Aw, shoot. Three unarmed hostages, two of whom have zero hand-to-hand combat training, and one of whom still has a fresh drill-hole in his shoulder? Taking on five highly trained, heavily armed commandos? No sweat. Kiefer shouldn't have been such a naysayer. Nadia and Chloe start talking about how they're going to get everything back up and running. Well, except for Milo, who's still dead on the floor. He's going to need quite a bit more than a warm boot.

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