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Chip And Dip

Josh is forced further along the sewer tunnel, as Kiefer and Doyle find the entry point and drop in, with armored agents behind them. I don't know why the two guys who never wear helmets are always in the front. It never prevents any of the extras from getting killed anyway. It's 3:08:44.

3:13:04. As the CTU contingent wades up the sewer tunnel, soaked to the knees, the bad guys help Josh up out of the far end of the tunnel and into Cheng's hideout. "Hello, Josh," Cheng greets him. Josh asks who Cheng is and what he wants, but all Cheng will say is that it's time to go. He gives orders to his men to pack up, and dials Kiefer's dad on his cell phone. Dad wants to talk to Josh. Which I'm sure only makes this more surreal for the kid. He gets abducted by commandos, spirited away through a sewer tunnel, and is now expected to talk to his grandfather on the phone? When I was his age, nobody ever told me to talk to my grandparents on the phone except for my parents. All the rest of that stuff totally happened to me, though. Dad starts out the conversation by telling Josh that he's sorry for everything the kid's been through. Josh isn't so ready to let bygones be bygones, and still remembers his grandfather putting a gun to his head and threatening to kill him. I'd be pissed too, but of course my grandfathers are all dead, so if they did that to me, I would have plenty of other things to worry about. Dad claims that he never would have hurt Josh; he just had to make it sound convincing to Kiefer so that he could get away. And now that that's over, he says he wants to protect Josh from "[his] father's mistakes." For a moment I'm like, "Which mistakes of Kiefer's would those be?" But of course Dad is referring to Graem's misdeeds that resulted in the deaths of thousands, which will hang over Josh's head for as long as he stays in the U.S. So Dad says that he's going to take Josh to China. He predicts that China will surpass the U.S. in "every possible way," and that they can be part of it. Whee? Josh has no idea what his grandfather is on about, and of course I'm also sure that he's reluctant to have to learn how to watch the news in another language. Dad just asks him to "keep an open mind" for now, and hangs up. Cheng reclaims his phone, and everyone heads for the two parked vehicles waiting to drive out of the warehouse. As Kiefer and his team reach the rope the Chinese left hanging down into the sewer tunnel, Josh says that he's afraid of his grandfather. But Cheng calls Dad a "visionary." Speaking of vision, shouldn't Cheng have noticed by now that he's short about five commandos, including their leader? "You should be grateful for the opportunity," says Cheng as he joins Josh in the back seat of a limo. Kiefer starts climbing the rope out of the sewer. I wonder if it will ever occur to Cheng how much grief and heartache he could have saved himself if only he'd pulled that rope up.

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