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Karen and the Veep are alone together in the Oval Office when the call comes in from Tom saying that the fake data regarding the component's supposed destruction has been transmitted. That's the good news. As the Secret Service leads Boyfriend out of the apartment, Tom admits to the Veep that Lisa "was injured during the operation." She's still unconscious, and they won't know how bad the damage is until she wakes up. What a suck-up, imitating the president like that. But then I suppose that since she's in poor odor with the Veep at the moment, she's got to do something pretty extreme to get back in favor with the administration. The Veep is rather pissed that Tom let this happen, but Tom insists that he and the agents moved in as quickly as they could. Well, I won't argue with "quickly," but I would submit that "sooner" would have been a good idea. "It just happened too fast," he lies. Seeing that the Veep is upset, Karen thanks Tom and ends the call. She goes to the Veep and sympathizes that he still must have feelings for Lisa, "despite her betrayal." But, you know, maybe they should call the Russian president and let him know that the component has been eighty-sixed before, you know, a war starts. The Veep dismisses Karen to the TelePresence Suite to make it happen.

Back at Cheng's former hideout, Kiefer parks Josh on a crate at 3:45:06 and says that they'll get him back to Marilyn soon. No rush, after all. It's not like anything could go wrong before they return to CTU. Kiefer spends a moment helping Doyle wander around the crime scene, and talking about how the circuit board isn't there and it looks like Cheng escaped. They don't even bother pretending to be surprised or annoyed at this last bit. Kiefer then calls Marilyn on his cell phone to tell her that Josh is safe (which she had already heard) and that Cheng tried to nab him to hand him over to his grandfather, who planned to bring him to China. Marilyn's like, "Okay, wow, that's all very interesting, can I talk to my kid now please?" Kiefer goes back over to Josh and hands him the phone. Marilyn smiles real big to find herself on the line with Josh, which is kind of startling. Nobody ever smiles on this show to begin with, let alone flashes an impressive set of choppers like Rena Sofer's. Josh's first priority is to tell her, "Uncle Jack saved my life." Yeah, Marilyn knew that too. They look forward to their in-person reunion, which I'm sure will be taking place any moment now. With Josh still out at the crime scene with Kiefer, there's certainly no way that anything unforeseen could happen. Esepecially with only fifteen minutes left in the episode.

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