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The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

On the boat, Dad's commando radios back to Dad that they have Josh. Dad orders him to scan Josh for tracking devices, grumbling, "I don't trust CTU." Yeah, those sneaky, sneaky fuckers. The commando runs a laser scanner over Josh's body, and it goes off when the beam hits Josh's right arm. Dad tells him to "short out" the tracker, which is the work of only a second as the commando touches the very same probe to Josh's arm. I'll bet Gredenko wishes he'd thought of that.

Back at CTU, the screen Chloe's been using to monitor Josh's tracker goes dark. Nadia tells Morris to get the satellite back online as quickly as he can. Kiefer's call comes in, and Nadia tells them to put it on speaker. She's desperate enough for information that she talks to Kiefer like he's an active field agent instead of the fugitive from justice he currently is. Not that that's an easy thing to keep track of. CTU should get some of those rotating magnets you put on your dishwasher that say "The dishes are CLEAN/DIRTY." Except theirs would say "Kiefer is ACTIVE/WANTED." Kiefer tells Nadia where he is and what just happened, asking for a trauma team to attend to Doyle. Morris quickly orders the CTU helicopter back to the drop point. Nadia explains to Kiefer that they have no active tracker or satellite coverage on Josh right now, and that CTU's TAC teams are five minutes out. Her voice stressed with worry, Nadia asks how bad Doyle is. "Bad," says Kiefer. "We need that trauma team." Nadia rolls her eyes, realizing that she's becoming the female Kiefer -- everyone she touches dies. It's 4:48:36.

4:53:02. While the Veep sits alone pouting in the Oval Office, Tom comes in to talk about what just happened with the expected exchange. The Veep mutters that he's supposed to call President Suvarov any moment. Tom advises waiting a few minutes on that, just in case they get lucky. Apropos of nothing, the Veep says that Karen was right. Tom agrees. "And I was wrong," the Veep says, adding that he was also wrong about Wayne. He whines that he was too hard on Wayne before -- that being President is hard, dude. You know what's better than listening to a president complain about the burdens of office on this show? Listening to two of them do it in one season. Tom suggests that maybe the Veep should cut Karen a little slack, since she turned out to be right and all. The Veep is still pissed about her insubordination, though. Tom says that the Veep doesn't want the details of his spat with Karen made public, so he should just put Karen and Buchanan out to pasture after the crisis is over, letting them "retire to their country home in Vermont." The Vermont tourism board duly takes 24 off of its shit list. The Veep says that he'll think about it later, but for now he wants an update from CTU. The episode is almost over, after all, so something shocking is certain to happen any minute.

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