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The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

At 4:55:22, the beach is swarming with CTU agents. Kiefer's on his cell phone to CTU, telling Nadia that Doyle will live, but that he's going to be blind in at least one eye. "I should have listened to you, Jack," says Nadia. Drink! Kiefer lets her off the hook for that and asks how satellite coverage is coming. It's almost back online, but Chloe says that it's going to be tough to find a boat that small in the dark. Damn, if only they had infrared. Kiefer says that it wasn't that big a boat, so they must be meeting up with something bigger that's not that far out at sea. He glances out at the ocean, like he's going to spot the boat with his naked eyes. He doesn't, but he notices something we haven't seen before now: a row of offshore oil rigs sits on the horizon like a Borg invasion fleet, their lights glowing in the distance. And suddenly, so is a light bulb above Kiefer's head. He tells CTU to start researching every oil platform in a ten-mile radius, because he just remembered that his dad's company is connected to oil rigs all up the coast. Chloe says that she's on it, and heads back to her desk. Morris notices that Chloe's suddenly walking like she's got a potato chip up her butt that she's trying not to break. His only reaction is a concerned look. Perhaps it's his potato chip.

At 4:56:22, Kiefer's dad is indeed on an oil platform. He's probably been there all night, in fact, which makes me feel a bit guilty about assuming that he was holed up in his office all this time. Only a bit, though. At this point, he's standing on a landing just above the stairs to the platform's boat jetty, radioing to his commandos to dock on the northeast side of the platform. Cheng comes down to join Dad on the landing and asks when he gets his component. Dad says that Cheng will get it when Josh arrives, which satisfies Cheng. I don't know why Cheng doesn't point out that Dad is on an oil platform with Cheng and about ten other heavily armed Chinese agents, while Dad's own men are out in a boat somewhere, which means that Cheng could really just take the component from him right now. He says that Dad is making the right choice in continuing his alliance with China. "Your mistakes today have been totally unacceptable," Dad says waspishly. "But China is still my future." Lucky, lucky China. Cheng wants the component badly enough to hold his tongue; he just nods and walks away from the asshole. Dad returns to the railing to stare into the dark water. He winces like he's got a sudden headache, and looks up. Right into a splitscreen window that shows Kiefer staring right back over the water in his direction. It's very Luke and Vader, except stupider.

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