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The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Chloe's computer search for the relevant oil platform isn't going well, especially with the way her vision keeps blurring. After a moment, she gets up and hobbles over to Morris to ask him for some technical advice. Morris drones a tip without looking up. Chloe mutters that that's a good idea, and is about to go have Nadia call whomever for whatever access she needs. Morris asks again if she's all right. Chloe says again that she is, but when she starts to walk away, she topples to the floor instead. Morris is right up out of his chair, cradling his unconscious ex in his arms and calling for help. "Darling, can you hear me?" he asks, fear in his voice. He looks up and yells more forcefully, "Can someone please help me?!" Sorry, Morris, all the speaking roles are busy, and nobody else around here is authorized to do more than stand and stare whenever something happens. You're on your own, buddy. It's 5:00:00.

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