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The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Chez Buchanan at 4:08:52 (and no, I'm not going back to my Season 5 DVD to see if it's the same set and you can't make me), a small army of FBI agents is executing a search warrant on the house. Buchanan comes downstairs, having changed into a long-sleeved polo sweater to entertain his guests. His cell phone rings. Seeing it's his wife, he doesn't bother answering it. Is there someone else whose call he would have answered at 4 in the morning? Buchanan has a brief spat with a particularly nosy agent over a family photo album, and loses. So sad. The house phone rings, and the outgoing greeting is Buchanan saying, "You've reached the Buchanan residence. Please leave a message." So make of that what you will. Hearing Karen's voice on the phone sounding kind of desperate, Buchanan relents and decides to talk to his wife. He picks up the phone and asks if she's okay. She says she is, and tells him about the call from Kiefer and the planed Josh/component trade with Kiefer's dad, so we get to hear it for the fourth time in under ten minutes (not counting the previouslies). Karen tells Buchanan that she agrees with Kiefer's assessment of the situation. Buchanan asks what Karen wants him to do about it. "Whatever it takes to stop the exchange," Karen replies. You know, my wife never asks me to do anything that difficult, let alone illegal. Especially when she's just fired me a few hours earlier.

The CTU chopper comes in for a landing on a parking lot next to a picnic table near a remote beach somewhere. Doyle radios in to CTU that nobody else seems to be there yet, which Chloe confirms via satellite surveillance. They're getting a good signal from the tracker in Josh's arm, though. Doyle hops out of the idling chopper to check things out, and after a quick scouting of the area -- including a glance into a Porta-Potty -- he tells Josh to hop out and join him on the ground. They stand next to the picnic table at 4:11:47 and watch the surf. It's kind of romantic. Doyle's cell phone starts ringing, and he earpieces to CTU that he's getting a call. Nadia asks if Morris can trace it. Morris can't, because it's scrambled on the other end, but at least they'll be able to hear both sides of the conversation by monitoring Doyle's phone. Nadia gives Doyle the go-ahead to answer.

Sitting in front of a computer screen that's showing him the same satellite display on view at CTU, Dad tells Doyle, "Before we do anything, I want CTU to turn off the satellite feed." Doyle plays dumb, so Dad tells him that he's got an uplink, and that he can see for himself that the drop point is being watched from orbit. You know, God forbid CTU ever has to fight terrorists on a cloudy day. Doyle tells Dad to hold on, and switches back to CTU to see if Dad is bluffing. Morris confirms that Dad is indeed hacked into their system. "How?" Nadia asks. "I don't know," Morris answers, because there are only two hours left and no one cares. In any case, they have to shut down the satellite coverage. But at least Dad can't see Josh's tracker signal. Satisfied that the satellite is offline, Dad tells Doyle, "Now get rid of the chopper." Doyle sends the helicopter back to CTU and asks Dad what happens next. Dad tells them someone will be there soon. "Whenever I'm damn well ready," he clarifies, rather bitchily. He says that he wants to talk to Josh. Before giving the kid the phone, Doyle tells Josh to be nice to his grandfather, explaining, "The easier he thinks this is gonna go, the less on-guard he's gonna be." Josh takes the phone, and the first thing he says is, "I don't want to go anywhere with you! I hate you!" Doyle's like, "I gave him one job." Dad reiterates his position that the sins of Josh's father (by which he still means Graem, not Kiefer) make staying in the U.S. a non-starter: "There's nothing here for you." Josh says that his mom is there. Oh, and his friends, and his house, and his Xbox, and plus he's got thirty bucks left on a JC Penney gift card that he hasn't used yet. But he doesn't mention any of that. Dad says that Marilyn can join them any time she wants, but that she can't give Josh what he needs: "Where we're going, I will have the means and the power to help you become the kind of man your father should have been." Because that worked so well the first time. Dad hangs up and tells two black-clad commandos standing in front of him that they can go get Josh now. The commandos wait for the camera to pan over to them, and then leave the room looking as hardcore as it's possible to look when you're that worried about hitting your marks. It's 4:15:02.

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