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The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Down in the Lounge, Marilyn is yelling at some poor, uniformed security guard about being treated like a prisoner and wanting to know where the hell Josh is already. Rena Sofer sounds a little stuffy this hour. I wouldn't be surprised if she lost her voice entirely by the next hour. Nadia wades in and lies that Josh is being debriefed at Division, "while events are still fresh in his mind." Which is why they decided to drive him someplace further away. Good cover, Nadia. Marilyn's rightly pissed that Josh is being interviewed without her there (and, of course, she doesn't know the half of it), and threatens to get their lawyers, ranting, "And I will take this whole place down, including you!" Bombs, gas, commandos, and now Marilyn's lawyers. Poor CTU. Marilyn's about to storm out of the room. Nadia can't let that happen, so she calls Morris on her cell phone to have him send additional guards to drag Marilyn off to a holding room. Because, of the dozens of people who work here, Morris is one of the few who's actually doing something else.

Morris can hear Marilyn shrieking and struggling in the background of the call, if not also through the concrete walls, but he quickly complies. Noticing that Chloe's giving him a judgmental glare, he snaps, "What?" Chloe airs her opinion that this is wrong, and that they might not even get Josh back. Morris responds, "I don't like it, I hate it, but we have our orders...Speaking as someone who placed a lot of people's lives at risk today, I can see why it's necessary, yeah." Oh, had you heard? Morris apparently armed some nukes or something for terrorists today. I can't remember if anyone's mentioned it lately. Chloe says that Kiefer thinks they're being played, but Morris doesn't think Kiefer's being objective about his dad. "Are you angry at me as if I'm the one who made the decision to go through with this?" Morris finally asks Chloe. And maybe they should quit arguing in front of all the silent extras sharing the table with them. I'm sure it's distracting to the people who have to sit nearby and do nothing. Chloe just says that Josh is innocent, just in time for Nadia to return and hear her. Instead of taking the opportunity to rally the troops, Nadia just tells Chloe to keep an eye on Josh's tracker signal.

Out on the beach, Doyle hears an approaching helicopter and asks Morris if it could be Kiefer's dad. Except he's bitchy about it, of course. Morris does some quick research and discovers that it's a Coast Guard chopper. Morris would also like to inform Doyle that although "a lot of people disagree with this operation, I just want you to know that I think what you're doing is absolutely necessary." Doyle churlishly snaps, "Morris, the next time I want your opinion, I'll ask for it." But was there a previous time?

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