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The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

At 4:24:54, Agent Turner is taking an awfully long time to drive Kiefer the six blocks back to CTU. Turning onto a narrow side street, he soon finds himself facing an oncoming pickup, shining its high-beams in his eyes and honking its horn. In the back seat, Kiefer braces himself as Turner drives off the road to avoid a collision. He gets out, his weapon drawn. Kiefer's alone in the truck with Ryan, who is still sitting in the shotgun seat and has the misfortune of being left-handed so that it's easy for Kiefer to grab Ryan's sidearm off his hip from behind. Which he does. "Don't move," Kiefer tells Ryan. "Get your handcuffs out," Kiefer says. Well, which one?

Outside the CTUmobile, Turner's got his weapon trained on the giant Toyota pickup that just ran him off the road. Buchanan hops out of the truck and starts walking slowly toward Turner, his hands in the air. "What the hell are you doing?" Turner demands of Buchanan. No shit, dude. Buchanan would never drive a monster truck like that. As Kiefer makes Ryan cuff himself to the CTUmobile's dashboard, Buchanan tells Turner to release Kiefer to him. Turner's not lowering his gun, as Kiefer socks the now-handcuffed Ryan unconscious in the CTUmobile. Buchanan is still approaching Turner, trying to go all Jedi on him as he says he's not armed, and that Turner's a good man whom Buchanan himself trained. "You can't possibly what's happening here is right," Buchanan lectures. He's giving Turner a whole speech about orders versus his oath to uphold the Constitution, while Kiefer is quietly getting out of the truck behind Turner. Buchanan tells Turner not to blow this opportunity. By this time, Kiefer's got Ryan's gun leveled at the back of Turner's head. He makes him put down his gun. Buchanan doesn't complain, "Dude, I had this covered." As Kiefer secures Turner and Buchanan collects Turner's gun, Buchanan tells Kiefer that Doyle's in position with Josh. Kiefer handcuffs Turner to the CTUmobile's wheel (how do you handcuff someone to a wheel?) and he and Buchanan run off and clamber up into Buchanan's truck. "Karen explained everything to you?" Kiefer asks as they drive off. He thanks Buchanan for putting himself on the line. "Let's just hope you're right about your father," says Buchanan. Kiefer: "Unfortunately, I am." It's 4:26:57.

Commercials. I love New Mexico as much as anyone, but I'm not going back if there are going to be scary-ass aliens there.

4:31:23. At CTU, a security guard lets a vaguely hot/creepy bearded buy onto the floor and asks him to wait there. Seeing the new arrival, Chloe gets up from her chair and goes to hug him. It's a very long hug, which really doesn't make the guy any less creepy. Morris watches, thoughtfully stroking his beard, until Nadia tells him to go find out who the visitor is. Good to know that Nadia learned something from that catastrophic security breach a few hours ago. Morris drops whatever he's doing on the current operation and approaches Chloe, just as the new guy finally lets her go. Morris introduces himself, and Chloe introduces the visitor as Stuart, Milo's brother. Morris says that he's very sorry. Which is funny, because I originally thought Chloe said Stuart was "my oldest brother," and Morris's sad-face would have more than made up for the fact that we would be expected to believe they hadn't met at the wedding. Stuart says that he has to sign a release for Milo's body. At 4:30 in the morning. I suppose Milo isn't getting any fresher. Chloe offers to help Stuart with the paperwork instead of, you know, helping to manage a highly sensitive operation in progress. Stuart follows Chloe out as Morris volunteers, "He was a good man." Stuart doesn't tell Morris that when he wants his opinion he'll ask for it. At 4:32:38, Morris returns to the table and tells Nadia who Stuart is. Nadia is careful not to react, but you can tell she's thinking, "Damn, how'd I get the ugly one?"

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