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Wayne In Pain

At CTU, Nadia reports to Buchanan that not only is Gredenko gone from the address Marilyn provided, but he left very few clues at his safe house. All the CTU field team found is one operating land line, which Morris is currently checking on. They holler over to Morris to ask how that's going, and Morris stammers that he doesn't have anything yet. He says that he's having some technobabble issues, but we're supposed to wonder if he's still just trying not to lose his shit. Before they can pursue that, Kiefer calls in. He tells Buchanan at 4:07:23 that he's across the street from the Grandmont Hotel. Buchanan asks Kiefer what's going on. Kiefer says that it's complicated, and asks Buchanan to have LAPD set up a five-block perimeter around the hotel to find and nab his father. I'm going to tell you right now, in case you haven't by now got the memo that "perimeter" on this show might as well mean "Atlantis" or "unicorn," that we won't be seeing Dad in this episode, if ever again. Buchanan's surprised to hear that Dad's involved in all this. I'm surprised that whatever Kiefer's reasons were for not sharing this information for the last hour, we'll probably never find out. Actually, I'm okay with that. "I'll debrief you as soon as we've got time," says Kiefer. And when he's not out of breath from taking the stairs all the way from the roof to ground level again. Seriously, what the hell is up with his sudden elevator aversion? If I did twenty-odd flights twice in a row I'd be wrecked for the rest of the day. Kiefer asks how CTU is doing on Gredenko, and when he hears that they're sucking wind, he says he might have a new lead in the form of Charles Logan. He asks Buchanan for a helicopter to wherever Logan is. Buchanan says that Logan is under house arrest at good old Not Camp David. Kiefer angrily asks how one of the people behind David Palmer's assassination got such a light punishment. Buchanan exposits that Logan pled out on obstruction of justice charges, and that the public never found out about his involvement with the terrorists or Palmer's assassination. "Give me that helicopter," Kiefer growls, and Buchanan says that one will be there in a few minutes. Like Kiefer's not pissed enough to just grab one out of the air right now.

Kiefer has now reached the plaza outside the building, where he finds Marilyn and Josh together. Marilyn asks him what happened, and he says that Dad escaped and he wants them to go back to CTU. To Josh, Kiefer promises to sit down and talk over everything that happened when this is all over. You know, just like he did with little whatshisname last season. Josh doesn't know about that, so he buys it. Kiefer walks them to a waiting CTUmobile, and tells the agent to schlep them back to CTU. As they pile into the car, Marilyn once again expresses her heartfelt thanks to Kiefer for saving her son. Kiefer cracks a small smile and says that Josh reminds him of Marilyn. "You can see it in his eyes," he says, touching the side of Marilyn's face. The moment stretches out, until Kiefer tells her, "Marilyn, please, you have to go." Dude, maybe she was waiting for you to let go of her head. The CTUmobile starts up and drives off. And then Kiefer smacks himself on the forehead and starts running after it, because he forgot to ask Marilyn for his gun back. Okay, he doesn't, but he should.

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