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Wayne In Pain

Not too worried, clearly, because instead of getting right on that, Chloe instead answers her chirping cell phone. It's Jeannie T. on the line, calling Chloe back. And she's being played by Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, so I'm a little disappointed that she doesn't identify herself as Anita Dangler or something. Chloe starts in by apologizing for her breach of confidentiality regarding Jeannie's earlier conversation with Morris, but Jeannie T. cuts her off and says that there was no such conversation, and hasn't been for three years. Chloe quietly freaks and looks over in the direction of Morris's workstation. It's empty, presumably because Morris is off tying one on.

Chloe finishes her phone call and goes Morris-hunting. Her first stop is the Situation Room. Nobody's seen him there, so she picks up the handset on the conference phone and dials IT. "I haven't seen him, but if he comes down here--" is as far as the friendly guy on the other end gets before Chloe hangs up on him. Hee.

It's 4:43:52 when Chloe finally barges into the men's room, calling Morris's name. Morris answers her from inside a stall, and she starts hammering on the door. He comes out, pulling his shirt down over his pants and asking what the hell's going on. She confronts him with the story about the sponsor, and he insists that he didn't lie to her. Jeannie's not his sponsor any more, he says; Ted is. "Remember Ted, with the hair?" he reminds her, cupping both hands way off to the left side of his head in a way that really makes me want to meet Ted. Morris offers to give Chloe Ted's number so that she can check that if she wants. Some guy tries to come in, and Chloe snaps at him, "Not now!" Man, can you imagine getting yelled at by Chloe when you already have to pee? Once they're alone again, Chloe tries to climb down from her righteous rage by saying that she was worried about Morris. Washing his hands, Morris says he appreciates her concern, but advises her to look at what's going on in her head: "It's not pretty." Don't overplay it, there, bucko. Chloe mumbles another apology and stomps out. Once Morris is alone, he pulls out that half-empty whisky bottle from the back of his waistband, right where we knew it was all along. And it's actually more than half-empty now. He stands and regards the bottle for a while, giving Chloe a nice, wide window to come back in and discover him that way. But before that can happen, he dumps the last couple of fingers down the drain and throws the bottle in the trash can. Let's hope no one finds it in there.

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