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Once Tom's alone with the Veep, he warns his boss that they need to come up with some kind of response to China's actions today. The Veep wants to put that off until Season 7, because he's tired. At almost nine in the morning, after staying up all night? He must be pregnant. Before the Veep goes to bed, Tom wants to talk about something else. "Karen Hayes?" the Veep asks wearily. Tom says that Karen's about to be transferred to FBI custody, but he thinks it's worth preserving whatever's left of the American people's faith in the administration to let Karen and Buchanan resign quietly. The Veep agrees, and asks Tom to handle that. Tom gets up to leave the room, but before he does, he leaves the tape recording of the Veep suborning perjury from earlier. The Veep smiles, hoping that it won't be long before he can tell in advance when Tom's going to be weaselly and when he's going to be noble.

In the CTU clinic, Chloe's sitting up on the bed when Morris comes in to see how she's doing and to tell her she missed the big happy ending. Morris says that Dr. Hastings wouldn't tell him anything and asks if Chloe's condition is serious. Chloe says it is. Morris promises to help her get through whatever it is. She reminds him that they're not together anymore. "Oh, sod that," Morris scoffs, saying he was terrified of losing her when he saw Chloe collapse. Chloe literally says, "Okay. That's good, 'cause I'm pregnant." Whoa! Holy God! Can you believe that sh-- oh, fuck it. They've been nineshadowing this so hard since last week's previews, the only surprise is how Chloe managed to get knocked up when she and Morris have both been at work since mid-January. They actually smile at each other a bit while we all take a moment to savor the two extreme close-ups and reflect briefly on the miracle of life and what a weird-looking, maladjusted kid this is going to end up being. Morris starts to say something, but Chloe tells him not to ruin the moment. "Let's just go back to work," she says. Surprisingly, Morris isn't like, "Fuck that, lady, you just had an hour break. My ass is tired."

Karen continues to pace in her White House holding room. When Tom comes in, she asks if he's come to say goodbye. Tom's like, sort of. He says that Karen and Buchanan aren't going to be charged with anything, although they're still expected to resign from their positions. Karen is relieved. "Is that suitable?" Tom asks her. Karen laughs and allows that it's plenty suitable. Tom wishes her good luck. Karen thanks Tom, knowing he had a part in making this happen. Tom says he'll actually miss her. "Really?" she asks doubtfully. "I can answer that better after you've gone," Tom says, leaving the room. Karen follows, walking right out the wide-open door and past the agent who probably doesn't really need to be there anymore. If I were Buchanan, I might be a little worried, if I thought Tom liked girls. Or indeed sex of any kind.

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