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Kiefer asks where Audrey is. Dude, the house isn't that big. Heller again tells Kiefer that he's not getting anywhere near Audrey. Wrong answer. Kiefer raises the silenced handgun in his hand and walks right up to Heller, putting it to his head and bellowing, "You do not tell me what to do any more!" Heller doesn't flinch. Over the gun barrel, Kiefer tells Heller that he just watched his father die and felt nothing. "You know why?" Heller refrains from making the reasonable guess that it's because Kiefer has finally gone completely around the bend. But Kiefer says it's because Dad was dead to him years ago. He saw Heller as a father figure instead, and Heller took advantage. Heller took advantage? Because, Kiefer, if Heller is your father, you fucked your sister. Heller tries to interrupt, but Kiefer is in full-on Survivor jury-member mode, as he says Heller's going to do the listening. Kiefer paces the living room, reminding Heller of the mean thing he said earlier. "How dare you? The only thing I did -- the only thing I have ever done -- is what you and people like you have asked of me." Well, except all those times he did the opposite. "Why didn't you try to get me out of China?" he asks. Heller waits a moment to make sure he's not going to be interrupted, and calmly says he did try. "Not hard enough!" Kiefer interrupts. He asks if he was considered an "acceptable loss." There's that phrase again.

Heller starts to say that he understands Kiefer's anger, but Kiefer raises the gun again and tells him to shut up. He says Heller doesn't understand him, but he understands Heller. He accuses Heller of being mad at him not because Audrey went to China, but because she went even when Heller told her not to. He says Heller can't understand that kind of commitment or loyalty. Heller brightly says that Kiefer's right, and that it was unfair of him to blame Kiefer after all of Kiefer's sacrifices, and everything the country owes him. Kiefer just says he wants his life back. "And I want it now. Audrey's all I've got and you can't stop me." He says he's very good at disappearing, which, if that were true, there wouldn't have been a Season Five. He also says he'll kill anyone Heller sends after them. "Pretty good at that, too," he says bitterly. Heller's had enough of this, and can't resist for one more second the urge to poke the crazy. He tells Kiefer that getting his life back won't change who he is. He says that Kiefer has tried to quit before and it didn't work. "Sooner or later you're going to get back in the game," he says, "and my daughter's going to pay the price. Like your wife did." Kiefer calls Heller a son of a bitch. Heller stands up and tells Kiefer to stop and think about what he's doing. "You won't be able to take care of her the way you want to," he warns. Kiefer doesn't care. He tells Heller to take him to her now.

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