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And by the way, this is really the best possible outcome. If Kiefer had successfully stopped CTU from going ahead with the exchange, they wouldn't have been able to track Dad's men to the oil platform. And yet if Kiefer hadn't tried to stop it, he wouldn't have been on the beach to make the deductive leap that led to searching oil platforms in the first place. See? A little compromise, and everybody wins.

As soon as Nadia leaves him alone, Morris picks up his desk phone to call the clinic about Chloe's test results. Dr. Hastings is like, dude, you were just here, plus I can't release a patient's pregnancy test results anyway. (He doesn't actually say pregnancy test; I just filled that in inside my head). Morris tries to play the husband card, but since he's only an ex-husband, he's out of luck. He'll have to wait until later to find out that Chloe is pregnant. Shit, I did it again, didn't I? I was sure Morris and Chloe's divorce backstory was common knowledge.

The Veep -- along with the Secretary of Defense, as well as a bunch of advisors and Joint Chiefs Of Staff -- is in the White House's above-ground Situation Room. It's nothing like the darkened, game-room-looking one on The West Wing, which I understand is actually less accurate than what we're seeing here. There's a first time for everything. Tom gets off the phone with Nadia and reports to the Veep that CTU has tracked "Phillip Bauer and a dozen or so confederates" to a specific offshore oil rig. They assume the component is on the platform with him. The Veep says to pass that news along to Suvarov to try and buy more time, and to get an assault team ready to board the platform. SecDef chimes in to say that it might be tough for a team to take a well-defended oil platform, so he advises an aerial strike instead. Tom squints in concern as SecDef says an air strike will kill everyone on board, and either destroy the component outright or drop it into the ocean where it'll be wrecked for good. Just ask Michael Scofield. Tom points out that Josh is on the platform as well, and is more likely to survive a surgical strike than what SecDef is recommending. "We're talking about an innocent sixteen-year-old boy here." The Veep says that a lot of other innocent young men are on the line in Centralasia. Someone -- not necessarily me -- might make the argument that when you join the armed forces, you agree to protect your country's civilians, not, you know, blow them up. I say this as a civilian, of course, so I might be biased. The Veep adds that destroying the platform would also be politically advantageous, since it'll show Suvarov that the U.S. is totally not fucking around on this. He orders the planes sent right away. Yes, the Veep certainly has learned his lesson about humility, hasn't he? And keep in mind that nobody in this room even knows about the submarine's anticipated arrival in twenty-five minutes.

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