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Nadia is up in her office, on the phone with the Exposition Call Center in Bangalore, when Morris comes in, wearing a headset and looking unhappy. After Nadia hangs up, Morris reports that Kiefer has commandeered a chopper and wants an uplink to their satellite feed. Yeah, I was wondering how far over the ocean Kiefer and Buchanan were going to get before they realized that they didn't know which oil rig they were supposed to be headed for. I don't know why Nadia bothers to be surprised that Kiefer's gone all Kiefery again. Morris adds that Kiefer and Buchanan are both on their way to the oil platform and hands Nadia a headset of her own.

Kiefer is talking to Nadia on the helicopter's headset while locking and loading his guns in the back of the chopper. I don't know about you, but if I were in a moving aircraft with a guy who was preparing a small arsenal, I don't think I'd want him to multitask. Nadia says they only have eighteen minutes before the F-18s arrive, and even if Kiefer and Buchanan find the component, the Veep's orders are non-contingent. Buchanan chimes in on the call to tell Nadia that this is the way to go. After looking at Morris (whose agreement with Kiefer and Buchanan is barely on this side of nonverbal), Nadia gives in. She lets Morris take over her computer so he can upload the latest satellite data to Kiefer's PDA, including the positions of Cheng's and Dad's men on the platform. Hell, why not run the whole operation from Nadia's office, after all? There's plenty room in there for everyone still working at CTU. Buchanan thanks her for doing the right thing. After they disconnect, Kiefer pulls off his headset and sticks in a comm earpiece, handing one to Buchanan in the front seat. Buchanan takes it and doesn't put his headset back on over it, saving me the trouble of thinking up a comment about Buchanan being startled by the feedback and crashing into the ocean. Kiefer instructs Buchanan to come in low and hopefully take the bad guys by surprise. Yes, that should work, if they're listening to their music really loud. Kiefer says he plans to start shooting while they're still in the air, giving Buchanan cover to land.

The F-18s are still on their way, as one of the pilots reports, "The target is locked and acquired." He sounds pretty smug for someone who's taking aim at a warm, glowing, isolated, stationary target the size of a cubic city block.

At 5:19:42, Dad and Cheng are inside one of the platform's offices as Dad tells Josh they're leaving in fifteen minutes. Thanks for the update. Josh asks to be let go, but Dad isn't budging. As he loads a gun, he says that Josh has a lot to learn and it's up to Dad to teach him. "First lesson is: pay attention." Ooh, good one. Stay up all night working on that syllabus, did you? Suddenly, Cheng gets a call on his walkie-talkie from his men, who are positioned on the outside of the platform. After a quick radio exchange in Mandarin, Cheng tells Dad that a helicopter is coming. He tells Dad to take the boat west, where the submarine will be able to pick them up by tracking the onboard locator beacon. Cheng hands the component to Dad for safekeeping and draws his own gun, bad-assing, "I'll join you shortly." Cheng's trust in Dad is certainly touching, given that an unidentified helicopter is on its way there now. Never mind! No time! Dad gets Josh moving.

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