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Crushed Velvet

Meanwhile, across the street, the angry neighbors kick in Ahmed's door and storm inside. Ahmed's in the hallway, frightened and holding a chair defensively in front of him. Stan starts in about wanting to talk and "friendly advice," in that angry-scared voice that people use whenever the talking is just about finished. But before things can get violent, Dad rushes inside and interposes himself in front of Ahmed. "This kid's father's a terrorist," he says, which Dad denies. As for why the FBI arrested him, he says it's "because they're scared, like everyone else." Of course, nobody's more scared than Stan, who tries to push Dad out of the way. But Dad's not moving, despite being about half Stan's size, and says, "If you want him, you're coming through me." Stan backs off at this, promising, "This isn't over," as he and his sidekick leave. Once Ray (formerly "Dad") and Ahmed are alone, Ray tells Ahmed that it's safer if he stays with them until the situation with Ahmed's dad is straightened out. Ahmed tries to decline, but Ray just stood down a burly contractor and isn't about to be denied by some math geek. Update: I was wrong about Ahmed's age. He's played by Kal Penn, a.k.a. Kumar from Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle, who won't turn thirty until April.

While on the way back to CTU with Curtis, Buchanan calls Nadia at CTU to make sure the military helicopters are ready to strike. She says that they can hit any location in Los Angeles within twenty minutes. How comforting. Sounds like Tom beat Karen handily in a previous debate about posse comitatus. Buchanan says that they can't afford any mistakes, since Kiefer's giving his life and all. He also tells her to patch his phone in if Fayed calls in before Buchanan gets back. Nadia agrees, and confesses that she spilled everything about this whole situation to Chloe. Buchanan's not mad; he just says he'll talk to Chloe when he gets back. Surprisingly, he does not then tell Curtis to drive slower.

At 6:41:22, Morris cheerily bops over to Chloe's desk and scootches her over so that he can use her computer to "try to get a visual on Jack." Chloe reminds him that Fayed is monitoring everything, but Morris just happens to know about a satellite that's off the grid. Why? Because he once helped an Uzbek energy company with an illegal aerial survey of L.A. in exchange for some cash. Once again, CTU's background checking procedures prove to be just really, really stellar. Morris pulls up a screen he can use to redirect the satellite in question, quietly rejoicing, "The little bird, she's still flying, she's still flying!" Chloe is more than a little uncertain about all this, but Morris just tells her to thank him later. Hey, Morris? It's going to be much, much later.

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