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Crushed Velvet

Kiefer's still standing at the fence where Buchanan cuffed him, near the mouth of a short tunnel. Fayed's red van drives into this tunnel from the far end and parks inside, out of view of any nosy, satellite-hijacking Brits. Fayed gets out of the car and watches as his two henchmen rush up and free Kiefer from his handcuffs. Handy that they had the key. Or maybe Fayed just wants to keep his bolt-cutters nice and sharp for what's coming later. The henchmen lead Kiefer over to face Fayed, who tells him, "I've been waiting for this for a long time." Kiefer just looks back at him without expression, until he's hustled back to the van, knocked unconscious with a punch to the side of the head, and dumped into the vehicle. Just then, Fayed's cell phone rings. It's his tech support guy back at headquarters, with the news that Fayed should stay where he is for now because the area he's in is being scanned by a privately owned satellite. Fayed's not convinced of the danger, until the henchman tells him that the satellite is transmitting its signal on a government frequency. "Connect me to CTU," Fayed orders angrily.

At CTU, Morris and his satellite have succeeded in zooming in on the grate Kiefer was chained to a moment ago, while across the floor, Nadia is co-ordinating the assault that's about to occur. "As much as we're trying to prevent civilian losses, our priority is to take out Assad," she tells her people. Again, comforting. Let's hope they kill fewer civilians than the terrorists did forty minutes ago. Fayed's call comes in, and Nadia's genuinely confused when she hears him brusquely order, "Redirect the satellite you have aimed at this sector." Nadia has no idea what he's talking about, until he reads off a frequency number to her (a number we didn't hear his tech-support guy provide him with, by the way). As Nadia's minions scramble to pull it up on their laptops, Fayed threatens that Kiefer's dead either way, but CTU doesn't get Assad unless the satellite is redirected in thirty seconds.

At 6:44:13, Nadia puts Fayed on hold while Milo confirms that a surveillance satellite is indeed sending a transmission to a terminal inside the building -- specifically, to Chloe's desk. Wow, that is one tight transmission beam. Nadia looks up to see Morris at Chloe's terminal and Chloe standing over him looking sneaky. She rushes over, ordering them to redirect the satellite. Morris plays it cool, but Nadia quickly explains that Fayed's onto them. She hits Chloe's speakerphone and tells Fayed, "This was a rogue operation. Redirecting the satellite now." Fayed starts counting down from ten as Morris types frantically. The satellite screen goes snowy with four seconds to go, and his henchman back at HQ informs Fayed that he's off-camera now. But Fayed's still pissed, so he playgrounds that now he's going to have to "think about" giving up Assad. Panicked, Nadia picks up the handset and asks him, "Where is your honor?" in Arabic. How very thoughtful of CTU to have finally hired someone who speaks another language (and Nina doesn't count). Chloe looks miserable. Fayed hangs up his cell phone and goes back to his car.

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