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Husbands And Wives

6:53:14. At Martha's bungalow, a very bloody Logan is wheeled out on a gurney with an oxygen mask over his face. Martha sits and watches while Aaron's on the phone with Buchanan, saying that it happened too fast for anyone to stop him. Which of course is why they let the pissed-off crazy lady parade around the house with a sharp knife next to her least favorite person in the first place. Buchanan responds that he's about to send in the strike team unless Suvarov comes around quickly. He asks whether Martha is capable of having a coherent conversation. Aaron doesn't know, but Buchanan doesn't have time, because Chloe's going to put the call through any second. Aaron agrees and hangs up. He goes to Martha, who wonders why she's wearing handcuffs. "I should be given a medal," she insists. "He was one of the biggest criminals in history and they gave him house arrest." Aaron tries to keep her on task as the call to Anya comes through. A Secret Service agent gives Martha the cell phone, and in a moment she's on the line with the Russian First Lady. She sounds pretty together as she apologizes for getting right to the point, which is the situation at the Russian Consulate. "Please, tell me more," says Anya. Anya Suvarov's hair is huge this season.

It's 6:55:23 at the Russian Consulate. The guards and staff are walking around the grounds, unaware that Doyle and his team are lurking just outside the compound walls. Doyle's the only one not in riot gear; presumably he didn't want to mess up his hair. And inside the building, Consul Markov is already on the phone with President Suvarov. So a lot of convincing took place in less than thirty seconds, even assuming that Suvarov was able to get Markov on the line instantaneously, which is doubtful considering that Markov cut the damn phone lines. Yuri Suvarov must be the most thoroughly whipped president in Russian history. Also, he and his wife are in the same room, so I was either wrong about his being in the Kremlin last hour, or Anya covered the 1,600 miles between Omsk and Moscow with a speed that would put Kiefer to shame. Markov growls angrily into his satellite phone about how the Americans "stepped on Russian soil and took me hostage." Suvarov says that they'll figure all that out later, but for now he wants Markov to surrender and release Kiefer. Markov refuses and hangs up, pissing Suvarov off so much that he switches right to the other line and tells Buchanan that Markov is not cooperating. Furthermore, he authorizes the use of force on the Consulate: "The United States of America has the support of the Russian state in this matter." So it turns out that the first couple of Russia were a whole lot easier to deal with than one nutty ex-FLOTUS. Buchanan thanks Suvarov and hangs up.

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