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Husbands And Wives

Inside the Consulate, Kiefer's male hostage has returned to the radio room with the other satellite phone. Kiefer wonders if anyone will miss it, and the guy says that someone will in a few minutes. Kiefer starts fiddling with the phone, and then hands it back to the male hostage to enter the unlock code. While he's doing that, a Russian guard kicks the room's door open and fires blindly into the room. Kiefer's hostage goes down, and Kiefer shoots back at the guard, killing him right back. But the guard brought backup, and in a moment Kiefer's pinned down behind the desk that's light enough for him to tip over but heavy enough to stop the AK-47 fire he's taking cover from. The female hostage ducks out of the way. Kiefer fires back over the overturned desk until he's out of bullets. But hey, he's still got that switchblade.

Meanwhile, Doyle is getting the go order from Buchanan, and sends in his men. They all start shooting over the wall, making short but very noisy work of the resistance in the yard. As uniformed Russian soldiers get mowed down by withering automatic weapons fire from the Americans, I think, "Well, this should play great back in Moscow."

In the basement, Kiefer has reloaded, but now he's out again. The guards start moving on his position. Just in time, CTU breaks the window, throws in a flash grenade, and shoots down the blinded guards. Not sure how they knew to move in there at this early stage, when nobody was shooting at them, but Kiefer and the female hostage are safe, and that's what matters.

In his office, Markov watches the gun battle taking place outside his window as he dials Gredenko on his satellite phone. He reports that the jig is up, and that Gredenko has to launch right away. Even though their cover is blown? He hangs up and pulls a gun out of his desk drawer (which would have been handy for him to have earlier, when Kiefer walked in). Two armored CTU agents burst into the office. Markov levels his gun at them, but doesn't get off more than one shot before they take him down. He'll never get that pinky reattached now.

Down in the basement, Doyle has found Kiefer and his hostages in the radio room. Kiefer introduces himself and asks for a medic for his male hostage. He's so cute with his reverse Stockholm Syndrome sometimes. Doyle calls for the EMTs on his earpiece, and introduces himself to Kiefer. Kiefer tells Doyle that Gredenko's in the Shadow Valley, and Doyle tells his earpiece to connect him to Buchanan. Kiefer leans against the wall and hurts some more. I do hope he'll be okay by the next hour, don't you?

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