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Husbands And Wives

Fortunately, the phone rings, and Aaron gets it while Martha continues busying herself with the fruit. "Martha Logan's bungalow," Aaron answers, like all callers need to know what kind of structure Martha's occupying these days. It is, of course, Logan, calling from his holding room at CTU while Buchanan watches creepily from behind the two-way mirror. Logan asks for Martha, and when Aaron asks who it is, Logan answers, "It's Charles, Aaron." We're all buddies here, with the first names, and let's not talk about how anybody ever tried to kill or succeeded in overthrowing anyone, right? Aaron tells Martha who's calling, and that he says it's important. "Important to whom?" Martha retorts, and turns back to her fruit. Logan won't be blown off, though, and he explains that he's "on government business" regarding the nukes. Aaron says that he doesn't understand how Martha can help. The Logantitlement comes roaring back as Logan rather shortly says that what Aaron understands doesn't matter. "I no longer have to tolerate your sarcasm!" Aaron says hotly. Logan backpedals, but it doesn't help; Aaron still doesn't know why Martha would suddenly start taking Logan's calls after two years. "Tell her it's about the Suvarovs," Logan instructs. Aaron does, and finally Martha accepts the phone, worriedly asking if Anya's okay. Logan assures Martha that she is, and that he needs Martha's help to defuse an international incident. Martha wants to make sure she understands: "The government is desperate, so they come to you to fix the world, and, uh, then you come to me." Now that's desperation. But Martha wants no part of his drama anymore. Logan repeats that this is important, and she gets more upset, throwing the phone on the couch and going across to stare out the window. Aaron picks up the phone to ask whether Logan is still there, which of course he is. Aaron at least realizes that Logan isn't playing, and Logan tells him that he's on his way via helicopter and will arrive in a few minutes. It's up to Aaron to convince Martha to agree to see him. For whatever reason, Aaron agrees, and hangs up. It's 6:26:38.

6:31:04. Logan's already in the air. Unfortunately, he's in a helicopter. Buchanan calls him up on the CTU chopper's headset to warn him that CTU guys are on their way to launch the attack on the Russian Consulate. Logan still thinks that's a bad idea, but Logan tells him that's too bad; the only way to stop it now is if Logan succeeds in getting Martha to call Mrs. Suvarov. So no pressure or anything.

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