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Husbands And Wives

Meanwhile, Kiefer is still lurking around the Consulate's basement, avoiding the searching soldiers. He finds a radio room, where a young Russian man and a young Russian woman are clearly about to have some kind of assignation. Rather than offering to come back later, Kiefer bursts in with his gun leveled at the couple and makes them go up against the wall. They do so separately rather than attempting to propose the obvious compromise. After ascertaining that they both speak English (because the explosion blew all of the Russian clean out of Kiefer's head), Kiefer says that he doesn't want to hurt anyone, but will kill them unless they cooperate. He wants to know how they contact the outside world in case of an emergency, and the man says there's a SATCOM phone upstairs, whatever that is. Kiefer sends him up to bring it back, keeping the woman as his hostage. He tells her to lean against the desk, so he in turn can slide down the wall to sit on the floor, looking like he's in terrible pain. Kiefer tells her not to be scared, and that she'll be fine. Especially if Kiefer dies in the next twenty minutes, which doesn't seem impossible right now.

It's 6:33:12 as Aaron stands outside the front door of Martha's bungalow, looking across the lawn at the CTU helicopter that just landed there. I wonder how many patients' therapy was set back months by the noisy spectacle of its landing. I at least hope it set down well out of sight of the paranoia ward. Logan and his two Secret Service guards make the long walk across the lawn, which is made shorter when the director shows us some guy playing tennis. Nice backhand. Logan says hello to Aaron and sticks his hand out. Aaron leaves his former boss hanging and goes inside, saying that's where Martha is. Logan thanks him and follows.

Inside, however, Martha's hiding in her bedroom. Aaron disappears back there, giving Logan time to check out Martha's framed photos. One of them is of her and Anya Suvarov, which is encouraging. Or at least it is until Aaron comes out and says that Martha's changed her mind about seeing Logan. Logan tries to convince Aaron of the importance of this, even spilling that, in a few minutes, the U.S. is basically going to be at war with Russia. Before he can go into how awkward this will make Martha's future luncheons with Anya, Martha suddenly appears in the bedroom doorway and says, "You've lost weight." She's dressed in slacks and a turtleneck as she sarcastically calls him "the new, improved Charles Logan, reborn." And also hairier. Logan in turn tells her that she looks beautiful. She comes in and asks what he wants, and he asks her to call Anya Suvarov. She peppers him with questions about why and what he hopes it will accomplish. He patiently answers them all, until they come around to how the White House already tried to talk to Suvarov directly and it didn't work. Rather than explaining that it "didn't work" because of the loose cannon Logan himself brought into the Consulate, Logan starts getting impatient. This flash of the old Logantitlement quickly pisses off Martha, who accuses, "You haven't changed a bit." Logan shows her the locator bracelet that the prop department finally finished for him, saying that he's going back to prison as soon as this is over. Martha mocks him for using the term "prison" to describe a place that, let's face it, is exponentially nicer than the one Martha herself is stuck in. Logan brings things back to the point, which is that Anya can convince Suvarov, and Martha's the only one who can reach her in time. Martha asks Aaron what he thinks, and he agrees with Logan that she should help. "I need a drink," she says wryly, but no one else laughs. Of course she can't have a drink. Put it here in front of me instead. With tears in her eyes, Martha agrees to talk to Anya. It's 6:37:35.

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