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Husbands And Wives

6:42:02. Doyle and his tactical team are riding to the consulate in the back of the CTU SWAT van that Milo didn't already blow up. He checks in at the office, and Nadia tells him that they're still on, but that she'll call him if anything changes. What might change, Nadia? The Veep might be pissed that you said you'd be ready twenty minutes ago and now you're still en route?

The ambassador from Mideastia is making his third visit to the White House today. I hope he lives close by. He joins Tom and the Veep in the conference room and begins by asking how Wayne is. The Veep says that Wayne's tough (you have to be, to survive four seasons on this show), and that they expect a full recovery. This brings the Veep to his point, which is that Assad, a citizen of the ambassador's country, was to blame. I think the is the first we've heard that Assad was a Mideastian citizen and not from some other fictional country. Which means the writers just decided that. That's fine; we never specifically heard otherwise, so I'll allow it. When the ambassador points out that Assad was killed in the explosion -- while working with Wayne on a peace plan, no less -- the Veep says that was all a "ruse." The ambassador asks for proof, and the Veep says that Tom saw Assad with the detonator: "Isn't that right, Tom?" Tom reluctantly confirms it, rubbing the back of his neck and stuttering and murmuring and twitching and basically doing everything short of talking over a subtitle from one of those old Joe Isuzu commercials. The ambassador says it's not like it's his government's fault anyway: "Assad was as much a wanted man in our country as much as he was in yours." "Oh, not as much," the Veep smirks evilly, "but that's gonna change." As Tom rubs his face in embarrassment, the Veep accuses the ambassador's government of supporting Assad and other terrorists. The ambassador jumps to his feet in protest, saying that it's not true. "I say it is," the Veep insists. Well then, it must be. And to prove it, the Veep's ready to give American carrier groups off the shores of Mideastia the order to attack. The ambassador angrily says that his country has been helping all along, and adds, "These threats are reckless and counterproductive." Whoa, such strong language! The Veep doesn't care; if another nuke goes off, he's going to "unleash the full power of [the U.S.] military on [the Ambassador's] country." Just like Gredenko wanted. Clearly, I underestimated him.

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