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Baby The Raines Must Fall

You know, we still haven't found out what happened to Logan. I just hope we don't come back to him in the middle of the next hour, still in the ambulance and still in cardiac arrest.

Inside the building, the pilot and another utility-jacketed random hear a noise, so the pilot sends the other guy to go check on it. I don't have to tell you what happens to the other guy when he goes around the corner. The pilot hears the silenced gunshots and dives down behind his computer bank to pull out a handgun. Presumably, the pilotless drone doesn't immediately careen into the side of a mountain. The pilot starts shooting when CTU comes in, but hits no one. Doyle gets him in the leg when the pilot does a crappy job of taking cover, and when the pilot tries to pull out a grenade, Kiefer flanks him and shoots him down before he can pull out the pin. The grenade rolls ignored across the floor. I wasn't sure the pin was still in it upon first viewing, and I kept expecting the thing to explode for, like, the next thirty seconds. Kiefer goes straight to the computer console and takes the controls, reporting over his earpiece that the target is San Francisco. He figures out that all he can do from here is steer the drone; he's helpless to deactivate the bomb. Doyle has, meanwhile, patched a laptop back into CTU, and Kiefer figures out that the drone is set to detonate as soon as it crosses the perimeter line. Which is helpfully depicted on several of the computer screens before him, looming across the drone's immediate path. Chloe warns him not to turn too sharply, or the drone will stall and he'll lose control. Kiefer? Lose control? Never. Milo gives Kiefer thirty seconds before the drone crosses the target perimeter, and as Kiefer tries to steer the drone off-course in time, Doyle whips out his watch so that he can be even more annoying than usual. He counts down past twenty and ten seconds, and finally Kiefer gets the drone to turn aside, just in time. Chloe tells him as much, but Kiefer can't control the drone anymore, and needs a place to land it before it crashes into the Transamerica Pyramid or something. Chloe finds a long stretch of residential road, but Kiefer wants someplace unpopulated. Picky, picky. Chloe sends him to an industrial park instead, and Buchanan gives the order to dispatch teams there now. Kiefer manages to set the drone down on an empty loading dock. But his landing sucks, sending up sparks and flames and leaving it burning on the dock. The video feed goes to static, but CTU quickly hears that there wasn't a detonation. There's already a fire and rescue unit on scene. Wow, San Francisco firemen are speedy. Back at the relay station, the CTU medic determines that the shot-up pilot is still alive. Kiefer wants him awake. And then the grenade explodes. Not really.

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