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Baby The Raines Must Fall

The drone's still burning and the bomb cylinder is bent as the local fire chief carefully approaches. He calls for a Geiger counter, which starts making a noise like ten yards of Velcro ripping open. Wisely, everyone runs away. The burning drone goes splitscreen, while Wayne continues to coma, Buchanan gets on the phone, CTU tries to wake up the pilot, Sandra watches her brother, and Nadia continues to stress out. By the way, I'm fine with Sandra being back if she continues to not talk.

In the Battle Bridge, the Veep takes Buchanan's call reporting that the bomb didn't detonate. Tom and Karen are relieved, but the Veep looks pissed. Because he's eeeevil. Buchanan adds that there's been a radioactive leak as a result of the drone's shit landing. "So what we're essentially dealing with is a dirty bomb," the Veep decides. Karen jumps in and says that's something totally different -- this is a "radiological spill." So technically, the Veep should nuke Kiefer. The Veep still says that it counts as an attack on the nation, and asks if there are casualties. Buchanan says that the first responders are probably toast, but that radioactive material wasn't dispersed, so casualties should be low. The Veep ends the call, pauses, and orders, "Proceed with the warning strike." Karen freaks and tries to talk him down, but he's made up his mind. Even Tom tries to reason with him that the nuking of Mideastia was only supposed to occur in the event of a nuclear detonation, but the Veep says that's a technicality, boasting, "I gave fair warning to the prime minister and I intend to carry it out." The Veep asks SecDef how long it will take to move the sub into position. SecDef tells him that once the Veep gives the order, it'll be about an hour, which should keep us pretty busy for the next episode. "The order is given," the Veep intones. "Fire the missile as soon as they're in range." You can see how he and Wayne got to be such good buddies. It's 8:00:00.

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