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Baby The Raines Must Fall

While riding in the little terror caravan crossing the Mojave Desert, Gredenko gets a phone call from his drone pilot reporting that he's disabled CTU's ability to track the drone. They'll explain how a little later on, but it won't be any more credible then, either. Gredenko promises to call back later.

The Veep enters the White House Bunker's Battle Bridge, and poor Tom has to explain that CTU just told him they lost the drone, but they don't know how, and it's going to be pretty tough to find again. On the bright side, when it suddenly turns into a radioactive fireball half a mile wide, it'll stand out pretty clearly. Tom pulls out a list of disaster response scenarios that he wants to go over, but the Veep rudely cuts him off and tells Lisa to reschedule the meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff to about one minute past ASAP. Tom wonders what's going on, and the Veep angrily reminds him that he warned the Mideastian ambassador about what would happen if another nuke went off inside the U.S. Tom weakly protests that there's still no proven connection between the terrorists and the Mideastian government. The Veep doesn't care: "These people need to understand that I'm not just rattling my saber." He plans to respond in kind. In other words, the Veep tells Lisa to have a list of nuclear targets in Mideastia drawn up: "I won't let another attack go unanswered, Tom." Tom shakes his head in dismay. It's 7:10:47. In other words, about a minute before an L.A.-bound drone would reach its target. You think the city will still be there after the commercials?

It is. At 7:15:12. Chloe has managed to eliminate Los Angeles as a possible target for the drone, thanks to her highly specialized technological savvy that allows her to determine that they haven't already been instantly incinerated in a nuclear furnace. Santa Barbara and San Diego will also be out of the woods in a few minutes, if they still exist. That leaves fifteen other possible targets in the drone's range, the largest of which are San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. Buchanan tells them to have first responders ready there, and tells Morris to have the Air Force look in those areas first. Buchanan looks up to see that Kiefer and Doyle have entered the building, along with several non-speaking members of the strike team. Kiefer flags down Buchanan to ask if Gredenko's been picked up yet. Buchanan tries to blow him off with a terse "We're working on it," but that doesn't satisfy Kiefer, so Buchanan has to explain that Gredenko got away and the drone vanished from view. Kiefer makes a face like, "I'm in the car for ten minutes and look what happens." Buchanan sends Kiefer off to the CTU clinic to get patched up, and Kiefer goes with a request to be kept informed. Buchanan assigns point for the Gredenko/Fayed search (such as it is) to Doyle, and tells him to meet him in the Situation Room.

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