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Baby The Raines Must Fall

Kiefer and another CTU agent are walking through a back hallway to Medical at 7:16:32 when Kiefer spots Marilyn, just standing and talking to someone in an otherwise empty alcove. Kiefer asks for a little privacy. It would be funny if Marilyn left him alone with the faceless agent, but the reverse happens. This show disappoints me sometimes. Kiefer gets another chance to grump at someone that he's fine. He promises to check on Marilyn and Josh later on, presumably after all the remaining nukes have either been recovered or gone off. Marilyn smiles and says she always regretted how things ended between them, and that she thinks he feels the same. She goes in for a kiss, but Kiefer turns away. Oops. That must be almost as embarrassing for her as her association with the U.S. version of Coupling. Kiefer says that she's right about his feelings, but before he went to China, he was "with someone": "She doesn't even know I'm still alive." Well, that's not an impediment; she didn't know Kiefer was alive the day before he was last "with" her, either. I guess that's why Kiefer tells Marilyn that he has to talk to Audrey first. Marilyn makes an awkward face, because she has to break the news to him that Audrey's dead. How does she know? She read in the newspaper that Audrey was killed in a car accident in China a few months ago. She doesn't know much beyond that. So can they make out now?

Kiefer freaks out and starts heading back out to the floor, breathing hard. He presents himself in front of Chloe's desk, hangs up the handset she was just talking on (oops, lost the drone again), and angrily demands, "Why the hell didn't anybody tell me about Audrey?" Chloe bugs her eyes out like she just now got this page of the script, and says that Buchanan didn't want to tell Kiefer when he got back, since he was just supposed to die anyway. But now she realizes that she should have after he...you know, didn't. "She was in China looking for me?" Kiefer chokes out. Chloe says that Audrey was the one who figured out that the Chinese had Kiefer in the first place (putting her far behind several posters who guessed way in advance that the fifth season would end in just such a way), and had been trying to spring him via diplomatic back channels for the past year. All Chloe knows is that Division made a positive ID on the remains via DNA, and that the rest of the file was classified. Kiefer says that he wants the file now. Or, more accurately, NOW. Instead of protesting that she can't exactly drop everything she's doing right now to focus on Kiefer's little wobbler, Chloe says that she'll have to dig it out of the archives, which I hope are at least on site. "Just do it," he orders, as Santa Barbara may or may not be getting wiped off the map. Which is sad, because I like Santa Barbara. Buchanan happens to look out from where he's going over battle plans with Doyle in the Situation Room. He makes a face that says he already knows exactly what Kiefer's freaking out over. He makes a half-hearted guilty-face and decides to deal with it later.

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