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Baby The Raines Must Fall

The Veep's with Lisa, going over the attendees' list for the upcoming Cabinet/Joint Chiefs meeting, and he's not happy to hear that Karen Hayes will be there. He says that she was in favor of Wayne's "policy of appeasement," which is so not what that was. Appeasement in this situation would have been, "Okay, we'll blow up like good boys and girls, but then you have to stop, okay?" Lisa tells the Veep not to worry, under the circumstances, but the Veep knows Karen well enough not to want to underestimate her. And now, through the room's glass walls, he spots her coming down the hallway in a completely new outfit. See? Don't underestimate her. She went to Andrews Air Force Base and back, with time for a change of clothes, in only seven hours. She's Wonder Woman.

Karen meets up with Tom in the hallway. Noticing the fresh bruise on his forehead, she asks, "Did somebody push you down the stairs?" "No, Karen, I tripped over your ineptitude" is his witty retort. He poutily welcomes her back, and she says she's not going anywhere this time. Tom agrees, and says that nobody is sorrier than he is over what happened to Wayne. That's what he calls him: "Wayne." Shout-out? Karen says that at least they can agree on that. But they don't make out. Instead, they enter the Battle Bridge together, where the available members of the Joint Chiefs and the Cabinet have already assembled. The Veep calls the meeting to order and announces that Fayed and Gredenko have launched one of their nuclear drones, and that it's not looking good for their chances to find it in time, so he's planning a military response. The Secretary of Defense asks who he plans to respond to, since the terrorists are known to be stateless. The Veep, however, knows from AM talk radio that "elements within Abu Fayed's country train and fund terrorists organizations like his." The Veep says that he's already told the ambassador that another nuclear detonation inside the U.S. will be responded to with a nuclear strike. The Veep hastens to call it a "warning shot," aimed at an unpopulated area of Mideastia. So if Mideastia is a real country, at least we can narrow it down to the ones that have unpopulated areas. The Veep gives the floor to the JCoS Chairman, who says that they've picked out a nice spot near Mideastia's northern border where a nuke strike shouldn't kill more than two thousand people, give or take about twice that number in the ensuing fallout. The Veep's cool with that. Karen, who has been quietly getting more and more horrified ever since the Veep brought up retaliation, chimes in to say that the Mideastian government is doing its best to control terrorism. But of course that's not good enough for the Veep, so he wants to motivate them to do better. Karen says that a nuclear strike will do the opposite: the government's moderates will be pushed aside, and the terrorists will gain power, not to mention how much this is liable to piss off Russia and China. In short, the Veep might be about to start a world war. The Veep doesn't think that's likely, and he declares the debate over. The Veep gets up to leave, ordering the JCoS Chairman to have a nuclear strike sub standing by. Lisa follows her boss out, smirking for some reason like she's thinking, "Yay, vaporized brown people!" Karen glares across the table at Tom like this is all his fault. Which it sort of is, but she doesn't know that. It's 7:24:13.

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