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Baby The Raines Must Fall

7:28:35. At CTU, Milo stops Nadia to ask her about some technobabble he was expecting from her. She says that Morris will take care of it, but Milo's uncertain that Morris can handle it. Nadia seems to think that Morris has recovered. Milo wonders if that's just because Morris "had a drink and smoothed out." Nadia doubts it, because apparently the writers forgot that she wasn't in on that discussion a few hours ago. Milo's still not satisfied, so he goes over to Chloe and asks what she's up to. She's working on figuring out some drone-related technobabble (in between rummaging around in the archives to get Kiefer out of his tree, of course). Milo decides that's less important than having her drop that and go check Morris's breath for him. Chloe gets up at 7:29:46, marches across the floor to Morris, and plants a big one on him. "What was that for?" he asks. "Just checking your breath," Chloe says, already on her way back. Morris waves sardonically at Milo, who waves right back. At least Milo has the grace to be embarrassed. "He's fine," Chloe tells Milo as she sits down to get back to work. Well, he never told her to be subtle. "Got to love this place," Morris mutters to himself.

After only a few minutes back at work, Karen's already returned to her old groove of futilely haranguing Tom about shit. She's trying to get him to agree with her assessment that the Veep is off his rocker, and she's having a hard time of it, even though Tom is clearly struggling with it himself. Tom says that he has to do whatever the boss says. Karen says that Wayne's the boss, and would never go along with this. Tom says that Wayne has been wrong all day, and that as long as he's in a coma, the Veep's in charge. So pretty much the only way to get the Veep to abort the missile launch is for CTU to find and stop the drone. Oh, and they call him "Wayne" a couple more times too. Definitely a shout-out.

At 7:31:30, Buchanan, Doyle, and Milo are talking about the search for Gredenko and Fayed in the Shadow Valley. Which is, of course, not going well, even with tire tracks leading away from a pool of floodlights visible to the naked eye from space. And anyway it kind of becomes moot when Chloe comes in with her laptop and announces that she knows how the drone is evading their satellite search -- the data is coming from inside the house! Well, inside CTU, that is. They have a leak. The soundtrack reacts like this is news. When does CTU not have a leak? Doyle asks if she can isolate which workstation is sending the data, and she replies that the mole is using some kind of technobabble that means it'll take an hour to narrow it down. Buchanan obviouses that they don't have that long. Doyle looks out on the floor, notices Nadia, and tells Chloe to check Nadia's station first. Milo leaps to Nadia's defense (and, really, to his own, because the last thing he needs is for someone else to figure out that Nadia's on his user ID), accusing Doyle of targeting her for being a Muslim. Doyle says it's standard protocol: "And yeah, she is a Moose-lim. That's enough to go on." Milo calls him a racist. Buchanan says that they have to start somewhere. but Milo's still insisting that Nadia's loyal to the U.S. Why not offer a compromise, like going in alphabetical order, and then act all surprised when Nadia's last name turns out to be Yassir? Doyle asks if Milo's basing his assessment on a desire to get into Nadia's pants. Like there's room. The suit she's wearing, Nadia couldn't get a pen into her jacket pocket without taking it off. They're about to come to blows, but Buchanan roars, "All right! That's enough!" He comes over and steps between them, even though they've already separated themselves, and starts to lecture them into behaving themselves.

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