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Baby The Raines Must Fall

And while they've been wasting all this time arguing, Chloe's found something on her laptop: according to her, the culprit is, in fact, Nadia. She's traced the data leak to Nadia's computer. Buchanan tells her to shut down Nadia's workstation from there, but Chloe says that the only way to cut off the data stream is to reboot CTU's entire mainframe, which would completely shut the whole place down for a good twenty minutes. You'd think that with all of CTU's high technology, the place wouldn't be so short on off-switches. Doyle's already on the phone calling for security. Everyone converges on Nadia, and Doyle is the one who hauls her out of her seat and starts firing accusatory questions into her face. Buchanan tells him to back off, and then tells the guards to take her to Holding. Amid her protestations of innocence, Nadia's led off, locking eyes with Milo (who's still in the Situation Room) as she passes. Buchanan tells Morris -- who's still agape at what just happened -- to take over Nadia's station and run a backtrace to figure out where the data's being sent to. Morris "Excuse me"s Doyle out of his way and gets to work. Surprisingly, Doyle moves without punching anyone.

Gredenko is still in the shotgun seat of his truck, driving down the road, struggling with a large road map that only makes him look like a lost tourist. He's on the phone with his pilot, asking where the drone is now. The pilot gives the current coordinates and reports, "The bomb will detonate over San Francisco within twenty minutes." San Francisco again? Damn, what'd you guys do to piss off a Limbaugh-feting, Santorum-donating, McCarthy-defending softy like Joel Surnow anyway? Wait, question withdrawn. Gredenko hangs up, pleased at how many of his fellow communists he's about to kill. It's 7:34:55.

7:39:22. Wayne's still unconscious inside the Bunker's operating room. His doctor is giving instructions to an attending nurse while Karen peers creepily through the window. As the doctor exits, Karen accosts him to ask how Wayne's doing. The doctor says that it got worse in the past fifteen minutes; some cranial pressure made it necessary for him to induce a coma to reduce the swelling. Like Wayne's brain getting bigger would be a bad thing. The doc doesn't think there was any neural damage, which is good because it would be sad if Wayne got even dumber. Karen asks if it would be possible to wake Wayne up so that she can speak to him about a matter of national security. The doctor says that he couldn't authorize it without permission from Wayne's family. He happens to mention that Sandra is here. Oh, hot damn. My favorite. The doctor says that more swelling could cause permanent brain damage, so it's not a good idea to bring him around. And then he dashes off to, I don't know, deal with another patient somewhere else? He's in a terrible hurry, whatever the case. Karen turns back to the operating-room window, but this time she looks across the room to its other door. Sandra is outside that door, looking in worriedly at her brother. Between Wayne and Walid, it looks like Sandra's going to be spending the next few episodes shuttling between hospital rooms.

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