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Putting The "Curt" In "Curtis"

8:21:43. From CTU, Chloe calls Curtis on the road and tells him to catch up with Kiefer ASAP. Curtis says that he's about five minutes out. He's still in a mood, though. After Chloe's off the phone, Morris ambushes her, asking, "Since when do you take Milo's side against me?" Chloe calls him on his habit of picking on his bosses when he gets stressed out. Morris hair-splits Milo's status as his boss, but Chloe says the main thing is that Milo could have Morris fired. Which, she suspects, is what Morris really wants. She leaves him to chew on that. When did she become Chloe O'Brian, Psychoanalyst instead of Chloe O'Brian, Psycho/Analyst? Morris turns and pleasantly tells Milo that the files he wants will be on his screen in a minute. Milo suspiciously says that's good, and Morris keeps staring at him expressionlessly for a bit longer than necessary before turning back to his work. Hmmm. Something's going on between those two, and I almost care.

Karen enters the Oval Office to give Wayne an update on the situation. She tells him about CTU supporting Kiefer and Assad's operation, which they hope will lead them to Fayed. As far as the prisoner release, she says that if they're going to meet the deadline, they need to have them on buses within the next ten minutes, adding, "If you still want to proceed with that option." Wayne picks up on Karen's tone, and justifies his decision, saying that there's no other option. Karen can't think of another option either, and when Wayne tells them to load the buses, Karen leaves the room to relay the order. Oh, Wayne, don't be so defensive about this. Be the decider.

The Handler, meanwhile, is shaken out of his self-pitying stress-reverie by Assad's curious habit of reading exit signs aloud. He wonders what's up, and Assad covers that he remembers a friend who lived on Sand Canyon Road. At CTU, Chloe hears Assad's remark and narrows her computer search parameters. The Handler directs Assad to the service road.

A couple of miles back, Kiefer pulls over next to Curtis's TAC team, which has parked its two CTUmobiles over on the side of the road. Let's hope they weren't visible when Assad chauffeured the Handler through this area. Curtis is waiting for him, and gives Kiefer a CTU earpiece. Kiefer pops it in like he's never been away. At 8:24:28, they're all back on the road.

From the car, Curtis calls in to CTU and lets Buchanan know that he's picked up Kiefer. Buchanan says that they're still working on getting satellite coverage, and will upload Assad's location to Kiefer's GPS as soon as they get it. After this brief call ends, it's time for a little awkward conversation between guys. Curtis says that it's good to see Kiefer, and that he's sorry for what Kiefer's been through. And now he'd like to stir some shit up: he asks whether it bothers Kiefer to be working with Assad. "The man's a terrorist, Jack. Responsible for taking hundreds, maybe thousands of innocent lives over the past twenty years. Doesn't that mean anything to you?" Kiefer doesn't take the bait; he just says that the playing field has changed. Curtis doesn't let it drop, though, saying that Assad has to pay for his crimes. Kiefer quietly says that might not happen, if it means Assad can help them to stop the current attacks on the U.S. "Anyway," Kiefer uncharacteristically weasels, "it's not our call to make." As if that ever stops him. Curtis just mutters, "We'll see." And now Kiefer's worried. How can Kiefer ever make Curtis understand what he and Assad have together?

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