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Putting The "Curt" In "Curtis"

Back at Scott's place, Ahmed is complaining about the pain in his leg and asking for something stronger. Mom tells Ahmed about some prescription painkillers in the kitchen, and Ahmed sends Scott to get them and some water, telling him to make sure that Ahmed can see him the whole time. Scott complies. As he's filling the water glass, he notices a steak knife lying in the sink. Glancing over at Ahmed so he can time his next move with Ahmed's next wince of pain -- which isn't long in coming -- Scott pockets the knife. He soon returns with the pills and the water, which Ahmed quickly downs. Scott keeps standing there in front of him, and starts to make ready with the knife. Mom sees the blade, and blinks rapidly, but says nothing. Ahmed orders Scott to sit back down, but he has to say it twice, because Scott is still standing there trying to work up the nerve. Mom hasn't done or said anything, possibly waiting or hoping for Scott to try to rescue her. I'm starting to think this woman has kind of an underdeveloped protective instinct where her family is concerned. Finally realizing that Scott doesn't have the cojones to make his move, and is just going to get them both killed, she tells Scott to sit down. He does, still keeping the knife hidden from Ahmed. Ahmed suspects nothing, failing even to notice that Scott's eyes have turned to stone from their usual damp moss. It's 8:27:57.

8:32:23. At Palmdale Military Prison, 110 handcuffed and orange-jumpsuited prisoners, most of them fairly swarthy, are lining up for headcount in a large garage near some parked buses. The camera keeps focusing on one particular dead-eyed, slack-jawed individual. And on the sergeant in charge of the operation, who of course is your basic Army-sergeant-looking type. Even Wayne is observing the scene, via a laptop in the Oval Office that has a live video feed. Micromanaging much? Anyway, it's just a transition to the next scene, which is Tom notifying Wayne that his sister Sandra has just been arrested. He tells the story about Sandra deleting the Islamic-American Alliance's personnel files right out from under the warrant-bearing FBI agents at the office, and that the agents "had no choice but to arrest her." He says that Sandra's being "detained" at "one of our provisional facilities." Oh, now that sounds pleasant. Wayne picks up his phone and starts dialing.

Sandra and Walid, meanwhile, are being driven to said location, the Anacostia Detention Facility in Washington, D.C. if the subtitle is to be believed. The agents drive them past a small crowd of chanting protesters waving crappy signs, and offloads them from the car. The facility appears to be a repurposed elementary school or something, because when the country's under attack, it's much more important to lock people up than it is to educate them. As they're led into the building, Sandra apologizes to Walid for getting him into this. He's not blaming her, though: "You were protecting the rights of innocent Americans." Well, except for her client. "That's what this country stands for, even if the government's forgotten," he speechifies. Yet none of the government agents within earshot punches him in the face.

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