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Manning Down

It doesn't look like Tom's going to have to be held responsible for anything that bad, at least for now. At worst, he'll have to buy Walid a new suit jacket and tie. Back at the detention facility, we see that Walid's already been released from "interrogation," and is being returned to the facility's general population in the fenced-in yard. Walid asks a group of guys where he can get a drink of water, and is sneered at for his trouble. Fortunately, the balding guy to whose defense he came in the last hour is sitting nearby, proffering a bottle of Aquafina and calling Walid "brother." Walid gratefully accepts, sitting down next to the man for a drink. The man thanks Walid for his help earlier, and then gives me the willies by quietly asking, "Did you tell them anything?" Walid thinks a moment, then answers, "Of course not." That's more presence of mind than I would have; I'd be like, "I don't know anything." The man darkly says that, by the end of the day, "they'll all pay." Walid wonders what he means, but before an answer is forthcoming, a younger guy shows up and asks what's up. Walid's new friend vouches for Walid, but the new guy switches to Arabic anyway, and Walid's new friend moves off with him. Walid, however, subtly eavesdrops on their conversation. Or as subtle as you can be when you're six-foot-eighty.

At 9:25:52, Dad's car pulls up outside Fayed's HQ while Numair is inside, busily tinkering with the nuke. Dad carries the package inside, and the gunmen who were all milling about just a moment ago are nowhere to be found. And then they are, a half-dozen of them holding a startled Dad at gunpoint. He holds up the package, saying that Ahmed sent him. Luckily for him, none of them asks, "Who's 'uh-MED'?" Dad's herded into the back room, where he introduces himself to Fayed and hands over the package, asking Fayed to call Ahmed and tell him to let Scott go. Fayed ignores this and hands the package over to Numair, who says that's what he needs. Well, that and twenty minutes. Fayed narrates, "In a little less than an hour, it will detonate and strike a blow that the Americans will never forget." Upon hearing this stock phrase from the Berlitz beginner's course in Villain-ese, Dad volunteers his opinion that they're all insane. A henchman is about to kill Dad for his insolence, but Fayed stops his henchman from killing him, saying that Dad may be of use later. Dad begs Fayed to have Scott released, and Fayed says, "I may, if you remain cooperative." He then turns to Numair, saying that he's got other stuff to do right now. Numair says that he's all set, and Fayed leaves, telling Numair to meet him at the safe house when he's done.

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