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Fed Sematary

At Dubaku's command center, he orders his fake air traffic controller to reroute a couple of planes in midair, then has someone else get the White House on the line for him. On the big electronic map, a couple of vectors turn so that they intersect. The flashing green circle at the point where they meet is probably the international ATC icon for "You are going to be so fired."

At 1:24:13, Ethan reports to Taylor that the NSA has gotten nowhere in terms of predicting where Dubaku's next attack will be, and the FBI is still nowhere on finding Matobo. But the RIAA has found any number of illegally downloaded Peter Gabriel songs on his computer. Tim from Homeland Security is also in the room, and he gets up to take a call on his cell phone. While Ethan again leans on Taylor to call off the invasion, Tim can be heard asking, "Can it be traced?" A moment later, Tim tells Taylor that it's Dubaku on the line. He switches his cell to speaker and sets it on the desk so everyone can join in.

Dubaku tells Taylor, "I'm disappointed that you have not taken my demands seriously." Taylor assures him that they haven't exactly been talking in funny voices and mocking Dubaku's side-parted afro over there. "The deadline for your forces to begin your withdrawal has passed," Dubaku says. "Go to the window." Well, that's ominous. "Look to the southwest, Madam President. See what you have done." Ethan's already at the window, while Taylor is making empty threats at the phone. "Oh, my God," Ethan says over a muffled roar. Taylor joins them, and sees what Dubaku wanted her to see: low in the intermittently cloudy sky, not far from the ubiquitous Washington Monument, an orange fireball is hanging in the air. Again, is it really that easy to crash two planes directly into each other on purpose? Especially on a clear day like today? It's not like causing a railroad collision; you have to have two aircraft traveling at high speeds meet in the same spot at the same altitude at the same time. You'd have to be the best air traffic controller ever, it seems to me. "You son of a bitch," Taylor mutters. "Comply with my demands within the hour," Dubaku says. "Or 10,000 more Americans will die." Give or take. After a few seconds, Taylor and Ethan get tired of watching debris leaving smoky contrails on its way to the ground, and turn away. After a long, painful silence, Taylor asks if the cabinet is still assembled. Ethan tells her it is. Taylor walks out of the Oval Office at 1:26:57. I still don't think she's going to give in.

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