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In an interrogation room, Janis is having to lift Tony's shirt to attach the electrodes for the polygraph. They don't have specialists for this? Is it just her, Moss, Walker, and Sean running the whole place, with all the background people in the office scenes about as useful as cardboard cutouts? Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back? Anyway, after pasting them to his giant pectoral, she asks, "Is that comfortable for you?" He just looks at her, and she hides a smirk behind her fist as she says, "I'll take that as a yes." She returns to the adjoining observation room, where Kiefer and Walker meet her a moment later. Walker tells Janis that she'll handle the questioning, because she needs Janis to help plug the security leak on the technology level. Janis is a little freaked to hear that someone in the office is working against them, but (after giving Walker a technical tip on the polygraph, because with only four functioning employees everyone needs to be an expert on everything) leaves to comply. Kiefer just stares through the one-way glass at Tony, who seems to stare back at him. Walker expresses her condolences that Kiefer's friend turned out to be an attempted-mass-murdering nutter. Do they make a greeting card for that?

When Janis returns to the floor, Sean immediately accosts her and asks what's up with the level-four lockdown. She blows him off and tells him to do his job, which she says he doesn't need level-four clearance for. Even Sean can tell she's stressed out over something. So he might as well make sure that it's him.

At Dubaku's command center, he's having a terse conversation in French on his cell phone. While that's happening, Emerson pulls Nichols aside to let him know that they just got confirmation from their inside man that Tony's been nabbed by the Feds. Nichols is ready to let Tony twist in the wind, but Emerson hates the idea, reminding him that they kind of need Tony for the next job. Just then, Dubaku, off his phone, steps over to report that Juma just told him that American troops are still in position, nearly ten minutes after he told Taylor to move them. The nerve! Nichols reminds Dubaku that it really hasn't been very long. "Then perhaps it is time for a more forceful demonstratione," Dubaku growls. Did he not hear what Nichols just said? Nichols argues for a little more time, with which Emerson silently agrees. "For now," Dubaku grumbles. Yikes, I'd hate to be that guy's waiter at a restaurant. His entrée shows up a few seconds late and he busts out a machete.

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