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Undercover Brothers

The point of view shifts to that of a distant watcher, looking through a telescope. No crosshairs, so at least Henry isn't about to be shot as he sinks onto that park bench. And fortunately, the watcher is only Agent Getsch, peering through his Super Secret Service Spy Scope from the Ohio Drive bridge. So that's a relief. Wait, Getsch looks worried now, if not actively irritated. So now I'm worried too.

At 11:46:40, Walker and Janis arrive outside Tanner's hospital room, where an agent is posted. He reports that Tanner is still critical. Even though he's in a room with a door. That's not like any critical care unit I've been in. Okay, the one critical care unit I've been in, but I've heard others described. Anyway, Walker sends the agent downstairs so he can call her when Tanner's lawyers arrive. Inside the room, Walker and Janis find Tanner heavily bandaged and hooked up to wires and breathing tubes. He's barely conscious. Walker introduces Janis and herself, adding, "I think you remember me. I know you're in pain, so I'll make this brief. Tell me where Tony Almeida is." Well, as far as Tanner probably knows, he's still at FBI-DC. Tanner just gasps, "My lawyers..." "Cannot help you," Walker says, threatening him with lifetime imprisonment if he doesn't help. He manages to smile a bit, which pisses her off and makes her press him harder. In fact, when he continues to keep his peace, she grabs him by the face and keeps firing questions into it. His arm flails out weakly, almost as if he's reaching for the gun that's somehow back on her hip, while Janis is like, "Renee? Renee! Renee, please. Renee?" She stops before I have to use a semicolon, and Walker lets Janis pull her aside. Janis has a question of her own: "I don't know what you're doing. What are you doing?" Just then Walker's cell rings. It's the agent downstairs, telling her that Tanner's lawyers are in the building. Walker leads Janis out of the room and asks her to go stall the attorneys. Janis is so not down with that. "We are breaking about fifty federal guidelines just by being here," she hisses. They have a whispered argument in which Janis stands up for procedure and Walker hits her with the importance of the lead and the thousands of lives at stake. Finally, the argument that gets through to Janis is, "Tony Almeida and Jack Bauer escaped custody on my watch. I have to make this right." So as much as Janis believes in the rules, she's willing to throw them out the window in order to help fix a coworker's screw-up. Well, I guess she did it for Sean last hour. At this rate, she's going to do something huge when it comes around to Moss's turn. Convinced, Janis heads down the hall to intercept herself some lawyers. Walker returns to Tanner's room, jamming the bathroom door against the entrance door as she does so. It wouldn't do for them to be interrupted, would it?

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