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Dead Kiefer Walking

That frees Walker to go walk in on Kiefer while he's changing. He sits up, and she becomes the second woman to stare dumbly at his scars in the last half hour. "Sorry," he says, fumbling for his shirt. Walker says Moss brought the Prez into the loop, but they don't know anything about Tony's status yet. She asks to debrief him, which he's fine with. "I read the statement from the Port Authority cop," she adds. The Port Authority cop gave a statement? And Walker read it in the last twelve minutes? "He said that you risked the mission to save his life. You did the right thing." Well, technically the mission, uh, failed. Kiefer thanks her, and she leaves him alone in there, even though he's pretty much dressed by now. Okay, good debrief!

At 11:33:13, Seaton sneakily leads Tony across the ground floor of the main building to his office, dodging guards along the way. When they arrive, Seaton's phone is ringing, with a call from Hodges in the lab. And apparently it's really loud there, because Hodges is using his outside voice as he asks Seaton where he's been and whether Stokes has gotten Almeida to talk yet. "I told him to put Almeida down if he didn't start talking," Hodges bellows. Seaton asks for a few more minutes, and Hodges insists on having everyone there to help with the weapons. Seaton promises to be there soon with Stokes. "See that you are, Greg," Hodges yells, and hangs up. Before calling FBI, Seaton gets to work setting up a secure line on his computer, so nobody can listen in. As he does so, he tells Tony he never thought it would go this far. "[Hodges] founded Starkwood to protect this country." "Yeah, well why is he attacking it?" Tony asks, as though a lot of people didn't spend the morning wondering the same thing about him. Seaton says it's complicated. "I don't understand it myself." So much of this show would go over a lot easier if more people would just admit that.

At 11:34:57, Janis has Moss at her desk so she can show off the comprehensive materials she's pulled together on Starkwood. Moss tells her to upload it to the servers or whatever and tells her she did good. He sees Walker coming and tells her he heard about Kiefer, and that he's sorry. Walker says she's still debriefing him, but she got a description of the canisters. She shows him a big block of tiny text on her PDA. Moss tells her to send it to the field agents (who apparently are all equipped with magnifying glasses) and asks how Kiefer's doing. "Hard to tell," she says. I wouldn't say that. Kiefer's remarkably easy to diagnose: is he being easy to get along with? If so, he's dying. Walker starts to kind of quietly go off about the people who've died today (so far), and Moss is just beginning to assure her that it won't be for nothing, when Janis calls over to say that Tony's on the phone. That's not a call they were expecting. Moss takes it, and Tony talks to him like they've been working together all day. Speaking quickly, he says he's at Starkwood, and was being held by Jonas Hodges until he was sprung by Greg Seaton, who wants to make a deal: the weapons' exact location for immunity. Moss says he has to check with Taylor, but before he hangs up, Tony asks about Kiefer, and Moss has to tell him that Kiefer was infected. Moss has used up all his long pauses for the hour, so when Tony doesn't respond, he says, "Tony, I gotta call the White House. Stand by." He tells Janis to set that up in the conference room. "And get me the president on the phone." He never gets tired of saying that, does he? It's 11:36:32.

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