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Busted…Sort Of

In other splitscreen windows, the Faux-yer drives along, peeling off her fake thumbprint and her blonde wig, which was really quite convincing; Spawn's still in the cab to the airport, possibly because the driver has picked up a crazy person or sex offender to menace her in an upcoming episode; Hodges is being rolled out on a gurney at the hospital; and Taylor does what all POTUSes do at times like this, which is sit at her desk thinking.

The ambulance carrying Galvez is clear of the perimeter by now, and the paramedic in the back can't find anything wrong with him other than the blood all over him. He goes to roll Galvez on his side to look for a wound in the back, which is when Galvez comes to life and sticks his knife into the paramedic's neck. The EMT who's doing the driving is slow enough to react that Galvez has time to come up front with his knife and order him to put down the radio mike he was just about to speak into, and to keep driving. Takes some stones to hijack an ambulance, dude. It's 3:00.00.

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