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Busted…Sort Of

In the hallway outside, the Faux-yer flips open her phone and gets Will Patton on the line. You remember Will Patton as the villain in everything from No Way Out to The Postman, so right away we know this latest in a long line of powerful conspiracies is really, really for real. "I'm quite certain he understands our terms," the Faux-yer assures him, and tells him about the FBI transfer. She figures that will put more pressure on Hodges "to resolve the situation sooner rather than later." Will Patton asks about Tony, who she apparently talked to earlier, when he wasn't busy blowing up Starkwood or being in federal custody or pretending to get shot at. "He's your guy, he better not screw this up," Will Patton warns her. "Tony's been the one bright spot in an otherwise dreary day," she says. "I have faith he'll come through." Wow, someone's smitten. And not at all in a faux way.

At 2:23:43, Tony is being asked to come through for Galvez. His accomplice is calling him on his cell phone from an abandoned apartment building just inside the north perimeter, at Rincon and 12th. Tony sees it on the grid, and tells Galvez he's got about twenty minutes before the searching agents reach him. "Maybe you should get off the phone and get to it," he says when Galvez complains about the time frame. So Galvez does, laying out four narrow bricks of C-4 on a handy surface. It would be more, but Tony already used some to blow up Galvez's former workplace.

As the helicopter flies over D.C. Kiefer unhooks his seat belt and slides over closer to Walker. Smooth. Next he'll pretend to yawn as an excuse to put an arm around her, or better yet, fake a seizure for a similar purpose. "Oh, no, I'm going to swallow my tongue! Quick, grab it with your teeth!" But first he says, "I lost two partners in a row." While we're quietly wondering if it isn't more like thirteen or fourteen, he clarifies, "Early on." He says he couldn't handle it, and that's why he's been pretty much working alone over the past ten years. He tells her it's okay to feel what she's feeling, and if she can't do it, that's okay. "Just don't try and pretend like you're not feeling anything. That's how you make a mistake." She cuts him off, saying, "Don't tell me what to feel and don't tell me how to feel it." Ooh, shut down! And he didn't even get to try the old popcorn-box-with-a-hole-in-the-bottom trick.

Right about then is when the helicopter lands. From behind the chain link fence, Tony watches Walker climb out, and then Kiefer. This just got harder, he thinks as he goes to meet them. As he leads them over to where Moss is laid out under a sheet on a gurney, he tells Kiefer he got lucky with the way he got shot (indeed he did, with no visible powder burns or GSR), and that he didn't expect to see Kiefer. "I'm only here for observation," Kiefer grumps. Now they're in sight of the covered corpse, and Kiefer tells Walker, "You do not have to do this." But she insists, and the paramedic from before uncovers Moss. She takes in the blood on his face and his side, then turns away. Kiefer examines the body with a more clinical eye while Tony starts to look kind of nervous. Tony tells Walker, "I'm sorry about Larry." She demands to know how this happened, a clear accusation in her tone. While Kiefer busies himself by looking over the bullet casings that were collected from the scene in their little Ziploc bags, Tony tells the truth about what happened when they landed, right up until the order in which he and Moss got shot. "Once I was tagged, Larry came over to help me out and that's when he was hit. I blacked out after that, but I'm pretty sure Larry saved my life." That was a nice touch. Kiefer points out the armor-piercing rounds that hit Moss, which obviously didn't hit Tony. The paramedic pipes up to say that Tony's wound looked like it was from a nine-millimeter. That strikes Kiefer as odd, since they've collected .45 casings from the scene. Sloppy, Tony. To cover himself, he "speculates" that Galvez might have switched weapons more than once during the firefight, but Kiefer's not buying it. "Someone was with him," he insists. Tony says he didn't think so, but allows that might be possible. "One man didn't do this alone, he had help," Kiefer says, more accurately than he realizes. Walker's off to let everyone know they might be looking for more than one guy, and Kiefer confirms that Tony's okay. He is, but he's got that shifty-ass look again. It's 2:28:32.

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