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Busted…Sort Of

Just then, at 2:36:27, Walker's walkie-talkie crackles to life with a staticky call purporting to be from an Agent Stoller with a "Code Yellow." But it is in fact Galvez, who is calling in on Stoller's walkie-talkie, literally over Stoller's dead body. Judging by the bloody corpse sprawled out near Galvez, Stoller was either killed by Galvez or walked into something sharp at a very convenient moment. Simulating static with a knife point in the radio's grille, Galvez-as-Stoller claims to have sighted... uh... himself, with the canister. Kiefer comes over and jumps on comm, asking if Galvez is alone. Galvez says the suspect is by himself, and entering an abandoned apartment building on Rincon and 12th. Walker tells him to wait for backup. While Park is relating the info to the field teams, Galvez gets busy stealing the late Stoller's ID lanyard and FBI windbreaker. Walker starts to lead her people over to the vehicles, and when she realizes that Kiefer isn't joining her, he whispers, "I can't." Walker's concerned about him, but he says he'll be fine, watching the show from back here. Well, good, she'd hate for him to be bored. "I still think Galvez has a partner. You watch your back," he warns. She follows her people out, leaving Kiefer alone with Tony and a small monitoring crew. And, for the second act-out in a row, Tony's shifty expression. It's 2:38:02.

At 2:42:32, the Faux-yer precedes Hodges and his soldier escort through one of the White House's more civilized hallways. As they part ways at the south entrance, they exchange a significant look. Just as Hodges is about to be loaded into the prisoner van waiting just outside, he notices the tattoo inside the sergeant's forearm, and grabs it to have a better look. Somehow he gets to keep his hand. "You served with the 27th in Pakistan," Hodges says to the soldier. As he's helped into the back, he asks whether the soldier met any Starkwood units while he was there, and asks how they did. "They were good men, sir. Well trained," the sergeant says, as he steps out the back. That's what Hodges needed to hear. "You just made my day." The doors shut on him, and the van pulls out. There's a short scene whose point is to show that Hodges is visible from the front seat through a grate, and then Hodges secretly reaches into his pocket for the little red pill. With the two soldiers looking ahead cluelessly, he pops the pill without even asking for a glass of water. Seconds later, he clasps his throat, alarming the soldiers. The van screeches to a halt and the sergeant runs around to attend to Hodges, telling someone on an earpiece he suddenly has that they're rerouting to West Arlington Hospital and to be ready with an emergency medical team. The van peels out again, but not until he's had a chance to deliver his big line for the stationary camera. Wait, West Arlington? Oh, Hodges and Henry Taylor are going to have so much to talk about.

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