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Time for Plan E

Outside, another sedan pulls in behind Tony and the Faux-yer. "About time, Tony grumbles. Yes, they've been sitting there for over two minutes. Everyone gets out of their cars and heads for the building with intent. Intent, and duffle bags. It's 3:48:22.

At 3:52:45, Aaron lets himself into Olivia's office and finds her looking over a document. Apparently the A.G. sent him to see where Olivia was on reviewing said document. She asks Aaron if he knows what it is, and gets choked up as she says, "It's a get out of jail free card for Jonas Hodges. The bastard responsible for my brother's death? And so many others." Aaron unwisely says he doesn't understand. "Mr. Hodges died in the hospital," he says. Olivia says, not so much, "While my brother lies in his grave in Arlington Cemetery." Could you make this more about you, Olivia? "Does that sound like justice to you, Aaron?" she whines. He allows that it doesn't, but he's sure it was hard for the president to make that decision. Olivia doesn't think she can live with it. Aaron says, "Ms. Taylor, I have seen the guilty walk free many times. I understand your anger and frustration and I am genuinely sorry." That's what she needs to hear, and she hands him the document. He pauses at the door and asks if there's anything else he can do. "Other than kill Jonas Hodges, no," she says. Aaron goes all, Awkward. Olivia realizes how that sounded, and says she was just venting. "Ma'am," he says politely as he leaves the room. And the whole time he's thinking, Didn't I retire? I mean, seriously, what the fuck. Or maybe that's just me.

But was she really venting? Well, she whips out her cell phone and dials a number. After all, it's been hours since she fucked something up for her mom. Elsewhere in town, H!ITG Leland Orser turns on his bedside light and answers his ringing cell phone. It really is the dead of night, now that we've seen a fourth person on this show sleeping in the same hour. "Martin? It's Olivia Taylor. Did I wake you?" He manages not to say "Derr." She says she wasn't expecting to catch him at home, which is kind of a weird thing to say after calling someone's cell phone. She thought he was working on some campaign in Florida. But as he takes a sip from a bedside glass of wine or something (?), he says, "Let's just say my methods were a little hardball for the governor's taste." Speaking of hard, he's in bed with another dude, so you know that on this show he's going to turn out to be either a coward or totally evil. He climbs out of bed and asks what she needs. She wants to meet, but says she can't talk about it over the phone. "It's the middle of the night, you know? You gotta do better than that." So she reminisces with him about a time when they were working on her mom's campaign and a local reporter was sniffing around the then-not-yet-veep's prescription drug issues. As though his accent issues weren't more of a deal-breaker. Olivia recalls, "You turned to me and said, there was no problem that couldn't be handled or eliminated." Somehow that convinces him to agree to be at the White House in fifteen minutes. What, is there a dead reporter somewhere? She hangs up, gasping at her own whatever.

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