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Framed in Vain

Aaron ushers Olivia's shady gay friend Martin into her office, not that "shady" and "gay" aren't synonyms on this show. She thanks and dismisses Aaron, and thanks him for coming. Without either of them saying anything, Martin says he knows why he's there, but warns her that this is way different from the oppo research she used to have him do on Noah Daniels. "It's Jonas Hodges," Olivia says. Martin recognizes the name, and asks, "What in God's name do you have against him?" Olivia says Hodges is behind it all. "He's also responsible for the death of my brother." Martin hasn't gotten the memo that Roger didn't kill himself, but when he keeps asking questions, Olivia cuts off the discussion. "All you need to know is Hodges worked a deal. Witness protection, my mother agreed to it, and he's going free. Unless someone intervenes." Martin offers her some advice: "This is big game. Walk away." She refuses, but he pushes, "Once this happens, once it goes through, you can never go back. You will live with it for the rest of your life." She impatiently tells him not to lecture her about conscience (because, you know, he's both shady and gay), and assures him she's thought it through. "What I can't live with is that monster getting away with this." She holds out an envelope containing Hodges's itinerary, and says this needs to happen quickly. Finally he accepts the envelope. "I'll make a call, I'll get you contact information, a price, and instructions on how to transfer the funds." She thanks him, and he takes his leave, with Aaron glancing suspiciously between them as he opens and closes the office door. She is going to regret drafting him for the night, I suspect.

Janis enters Hodges's medical room with a wheelchair and a gray-haired plainclothes officer she introduces as Marshal Sullivan, who will be taking him into witness protection. She leaves the two of them alone, but not before Hodges favors her with a creepy, "Thank you for your hospitality, young lady." Sullivan hands Hodges a slim folder containing his new identity. "Robert Tippet, that's my new name," Hodges says. "Sounds like a dog breed." Aw, things are tough all over. Although now I'm starting to wonder whether witness protection has naming conventions that reflect the different ethical status of their clientele. Say, someone like Hodges, a terrorist/traitor who rolls over on his compatriots, gets named Mervin Q. Dungbeetle, whereas an innocent who informs on the mob with nothing to gain becomes Bono Tripod Godlike III. Sullivan tells him they're going to Colorado, where they'll finish up the biography and new ID, and start counseling. "It helps entrants deal with their new circumstances," Sullivan explains. "Do I impress you as someone who needs therapy to cope with new circumstances?" Hodges asks drily. Not for that, no. Sullivan tells him it's there if he needs it, on the taxpayer's dime. "You think I'm getting off easy, don't you?" Hodges asks him. Sullivan doesn't comment, but Hodges accuses him of giving off attitude, which he takes as license to launch yet another self-pitying stemwinder: "I've lost everything. My company, my family, and most importantly, my name. Do you know how much blood and sweat went into making that name mean something? That name...I don't think it means what he thinks it means. Instead of threatening to give Hodges the name Tampon Hitler, Sullivan says they're off to Andrews AFB in 30 minutes, so get ready. After he leaves the room, Hodges hurls the folder against the wall. Touchy! It's 4:23:26.

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